This Week's Issue 09/14/15

Failed inventor of the screaming potato peeler, the "Potato Squealer," Urian Brown takes a look at this week's issue. 

By Urian Brown September 14, 2015

art by Haruto Ikezawa

It's a brand new JUMP START! And one that will finally shed some light on a subject I've been curious about for years—shogi. I've seen it played or referenced in many manga, but I really don't know much about it, beyond it being like a Japanese version of chess. That's the wonder of manga! You can learn so much about a subject while being entertained. Although I've only read the first chapter, I've already learned a lot. 

by Haruto Ikezawa

Shinobu has a problem—he's not really good at anything. Even when he tries! But when he accidentally winds up in a house of shogi players, everything changes. I must say I can really relate to this character. I definitely was not the star student. It wasn't until I found theater that everything began to click. Unfortunately, we didn't have a shogi club at our school. Anyway, hope you enjoy the new JUMP START! 


Black Clover
by Yûki Tabata

Things are not going well for defenders of Capital City! A madman with an army of zombie-like creatures has attacked and done massive damage. And just when it seemed like that situation was under control, everything fell apart when the Magic Knights were teleported out of the city leaving it totally vulnerable! There's only one brave warrior left! Will he be enough?

World Trigger
by Daisuke Ashihara

In other news of battles that aren't going well, Yuma is the last member of his squad still fighting in the current Rank War match. And he's already been injured! But Tamakoma-2 has managed to steal victory out of the jaws of defeat before, can they do it again? 

World Trigger

by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Some major reveals in this chapter! One that helps explain the very nature of the Gourmet World itself! Plus, there's a battle between Joie and Midora! And Jiro the Knocking Master against that weird gross monster thing that will eat the world! 

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
story by Yuto Tsukuda, art by Shun Saeki

Guess who's come to dinner? Erina's dad! And if you think she's a tough cookie, her dad's even worse! He's come into town like the dark clouds before a storm! What will his storm bring? Rain? Lightning? Hail? A ton of delicious food? Find out! 


by Naoshi Komi

Nisekoi is famous for its battle of the hearts, but this time it's a battle of the bodyguards! Chitoge's bodyguard Tsugumi versus Marika's bodyguard Honda! An assassin versus a ninja! It's almost sounds like I'm describing a Naruto chapter, but I'm not! In all honesty, Komi Sensei has a knack for drawing fights. The battle in this chapter has some downright inspired action panels. Hopefully more girls will fight as the series goes on. Like, lots more. 

by Tite Kubo

Get ready for some incredible backstory of one of the most interesting pairs in the series! The mad scientist Mayuri and his oft abused assistant Nemu. If you've been boggled by this odd pair, this chapter will shed some light on their unique relationship. 


My Hero Academia
by Kohei Horikoshi

The battle against the Hero Killer is officially over and now it's time to get back to school! And back to training to become the next generation of heroes. But before the next training segment begins, the students are very curious about Deku and friends big fight. Time for a little show and tell!

by Toshiaki Iwashiro

Ageha gets the shock of a life when he suddenly finds himself transported to a dangerous wasteland filled with monsters that defy all reason! How did he get there? Are there others? Will he find his friend there? Many mysterious abound! 


Extras: Sci-Fi Bundles, Nihongo Lesson, Author Notes. 

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by Urian Brown