This Week's Issue 05/25/15

Fumbling Fanime fool and SJ editor Urian Brown takes a look a this week's issue! 

By Urian Brown May 25, 2015

art by Kentaro Fukuda

If you can't tell by this amazing cover, Devilyman is a hilarious manga! One of the funniest we've had in awhile and that's saying something considering we ran E-ROBOT! This is a bit more tame, but in some ways more twisted. One thing is for sure, that is one of the funniest character designs I've ever laid eyes on! 

by Kentaro Fukuda 

The second JUMP START series has jump-started and it's a crack up! Madogiwa has got a serious problem—he's a hardworking devil salaryman who is just not cutting it. And his job's on the line! He's got to make a billion yen in a short amount of time, or it's over! A seemingly impossible task for a bumbling devil salaryman like him...but when he meets a strange little child on the train, everything changes! Get ready for some laughs, feels and a bit of mystery too!


One Piece
by Eiichiro Oda

The chaos in Dressrosa has been boiling for a long time, and it looks dangerously close to bubbling over! Doflamingo's not going to rest until he finds Luffy, who has to wait for his stamina to rebuild before he can fight again. Meanwhile, the birdcage keeps shrinking, threatening all in its path! The clock is ticking, and many lives are hanging in the balance! Can Luffy recharge in time?

by Naoshi Komi

Nisekoi's getting serious! While this manga is usually very lighthearted, this new sick Marika storyline is anything but! Just what is ailing her and can her "Dearest Raku" help her?


by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

It's the end of the Monkey King arc! And what a fight...and dance...and gender flip it's been! The entire quest to obtain and eat pair has had the whole SJ Team laughing and discussing it to no end. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite arcs of all time. This is why I love manga! Do you think Batman or Superman would try to eat pair? Heck's, no! And now it's on to the next adventure to fulfill Acacia's Full-Course Meal! 

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
story by Yuto Tsukuda, art by Shun Saeki, contributor Yuki Morisaki

It's the Momiji Maple Meet and Greet with the Council of Ten! And they're more than just intimidating, they're downright terrifying. To some of the first-years, especially! But this is a meet and greet, so it's a rare chance to get info from the top dogs! Will Soma and the others learn anything or just shake in their oven mitts?

Food Wars

Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring
by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto's back in action! Fighting a little kid, but one armed with the Sharingan! Just who is this kid and how does he have the Sharingan Eyes? And furthermore, who are Cho-Cho's "real" parents? Will she ever find them? So many mysteries! Actually, this manga has surprised me several times. I assumed it would would be about Boruto running around and causing problems, but it's much deeper than that. Kishimoto Sensei has managed, yet again, to surprise me! 

Black Clover
by Yûki Tabata

A full-on magic battle has erupted between the parties competing for the dungeon's treasure! This is some very beautiful and creative magical combat. Something Shonen Jump could definitely use more of. Plus, we get a little more backstory on some of the more mysterious characters. More good stuff from our latest addition to the family! 

Black Clvoer

Straighten Up! Welcome to Skika High's Competitive Dance Club
by Takuma Yokota

Although his introduction to the dance club made quite an impression on him, Tsuchiya's still not decided if he's really going to sign up. And he's not the only one who can't decide, his newfound friend (and crush?) Watari is also being pulled in different directions. Apparently, joining the right club is no easy feat when you're a Japanese high schooler! 

My Hero Academia 
by Kohei Horikoshi

The stunning end to the U.A. Sports Festival! Katsuki and Todoroki are the finalists, and both are fighting with everything they've got! Both are armed with incredibly powerful Quirks, lots of fighting experience and strategic skill. The winner of this match will be determined by something else—passion! 

My Hero

by Tite Kubo

Ichigo and friends are preparing for their counterattack on Yhwach! But Ichigo's newfound allies are anything but organized. Can he unify them into the fighting force they need to be to take on Yhwach?

World Trigger
by Daisuke Ashihara

The big match is over, and now it's time to for the pundits to weigh in. Well, actually just about everybody chimes in with their opinion about the match. Find out what everyone thought! 

World Hero

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
original concept by Kazuki Takahashi, story by Shin Yoshida, art by Naohito Miyoshi

The duel between Yuma and his best buddy Astral continues! They're almost out of life points, yet neither shows any sign of backing down! It's a bittersweet duel to the end! Who will jet the most?! 

by Kazuki Takahashi

Another incredible chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! JUMP BACK! Before the cards, Yugi spent his time dishing out harsh punishments to school bullies. And when a jerk who likes to torture people by making them listen to his terrible karaoke appears, Yugi challenges him to a Shadow Game! 


Extras:  Digvorzhak, King of the Heavy Industry Sweepstakes, Crossed Souls Yu-Gi-Oh! Card feature, Nihongo Lesson, Author Comments. 

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by Urian Brown