This Week's Issue 05/11/15

Secret government experiment gone wrong and SJ editor Urian Brown takes a look at this week's issue. 

By Urian Brown May 11, 2015


art by Takuma Yokota 

A dance manga?! In Shonen Jump? Before you flip a table, remember this is one of the greatest things about manga—it can be about anything! Even dancing! Variety is the spice of life and what makes serialized manga magazines so exciting. And this is no ordinary dance manga, it's hilarious! Get ready to look at competitive dancing in a whole new way! 

Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club
by Takuma Yokota

High school is hard enough in America, but in Japan they have a dilemma we never have to face—what club to join! There are lots of clubs to choose from, but finding the right one is difficult for some students. Like Masaharu Tsuchiya for example. He's as dorky as they get and determined to make high school different than elementary school. But can he keep his inherent awkwardness from ruining his first day? Furthermore, what club will he join? Surely not something club?

Dance Club

Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring
by Masashi Kishimoto

Just seeing Naruto back in the magazine warms my heart! I am a big fan of Kishimoto Sensei's comedy, so this chapter has been cracking me up! Especially Choji's daughter! Not going to ruin anything, but she pretty much steals this chapter. Oh, and the plot with Sasuke's daughter thickens! 

One Piece
by Eiichiro Oda

Gear Four is here and it's....uh....well....super crazy! Not only is it super crazy, it seems to be pretty effective against Doflamingo. But the fight's not over yet, and no doubt the feathered fiend has some tricks up his sleeves. Who will emerge victorious?! 

One Piece

by Naoshi Komi

Nisekoi is one of those manga that not even a top manga scientist could predict what will happen next. And this chapter is a perfect example of that when Raku wakes up and gets the surprise of a lifetime! Even for Nisekoi this is pretty bonkers! 

Black Clover
by Yûki Tabata

What has become the darling of the manga world, keeps up it's impressive track record of nary a bad chapter. Not just "not a bad chapter," but not even mediocre! Every one has been a winner, and pretty dang funny. You might even say, this manga's got the "magic." Haha. Anyway, the Black Bulls dungeon party hits a snag when they come face to face with some very snooty rivals! 


by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

If Black Clover's got the magic, than Toriko's got cojones! Literally! And figuratively, you've got to have chutzpah to pull off a story arc as wild as this one, and Shimabukuro Sensei has definitely got it. This chapter will answer a great many questions about past events! But for every explanation a new questions appears. 

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
story by Yuto Tsukuda, art by Shun Saeki, contributor Yuki Morisaki 

Now that the students are back from their intense restaurant training, the ones that have passed are prime targets for a shokugeki! And Soma, having made quite the name for himself, is drawing challenges left and right! Let the games begin!

Food Wars

by Tite Kubo

Grimmjow is back! And to no one's surprise, he still has a grudge against Ichigo! And not only is he back, several other old familiar faces make surprising returns! Looks like everybody's joining up to take on the bad guy of all bad guys! 

My Hero Academia 
by Kohei Horikoshi 

The big tournament continues! Midoriya has lost in an explosive match and now gets to cheer on his fellow classmates! The fights are as fast and furious as ever, but now just having a good quirk won't win the match—strategy is the key! With only a handful of matches left, the stakes are higher than ever!

My Hero

Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment  
story by Nobuaki Enoki, art by Takeshi Obata

It's the final chapter! Sort of! Well, it's the final chapter for now, but the rest of the story will be fully resolved at a future date. As for this current case, you won't believe how the body ended up in the locked rabbit hutch! 

by Kazuki Takahashi

It's the first chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh JUMP BACK! Get ready for some serious nostalgia when you see the gang as they first were—without the card game! And Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler in the anime) is a bully! And Yugi's a little pervy! Come back to a time where justice was served by the dark and often violent Shadow Games! 

Yu Gi Oh

Extras: Digvorzhak, King of the Heavy Industry Sweepstakes, Bundles of Joy, Author Comments, Nihongo Lesson.

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by Urian Brown