Shonen Jump New Chapters 05/17/2020

New series Time Paradox Ghostwriter joins the weekly lineup! Plus, don't miss the final chapter of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba! See how it all ends!

By Jeric Llanes May 17, 2020

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Another week of incredible manga. Incredible FREE manga, that is! Share your thoughts about the chapters in the comments field at the bottom. But be nice and make sure to click the Contains Spoilers! button if your comment has spoilers. Happy reading! (To read all the free chapters, click HERE! )

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku

By Yuji Kaku

Ch. 98

Hells Paradise

As dawn nears, a terrible danger will bloom. Can it be stopped in time?

Spy x Family
By Tatsuya Endo
Ch. 27

Spy Family

Move over Mr. Bond, there’s a new spy in town and he’s gonna have the entire world of espionage shaken...and stirred!


Story by Tatsuya Matsuki, Art by Shiro Usazaki

Ch. 112


Yonagi’s career has taken off! But fame comes with a price, and it can be steep.

Agravity Boys
By Atushi Nakamura
Ch. 20


Chris meets some surprising fans from his recent streaming experiment!

Black Clover
By Yūki Tabata
Ch. 250

Black Clover

Like the old adage goes—Who needs an army, when you’ve got a Charmy?

Bone Collection
By Jun Kirarazaka
Ch. 3

Bone Collection

Kazami finds out his new live-in yokai “fiancée” is the jealous type!

Chainsaw Man

By Tatsuki Fujimoto

Ch. 69


This manga’s on fire! And so is its main character, Denji! Will he burn up or burn out before defeating his enemy?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

By Koyoharu Gotouge

Ch. 205

Demon Slayer

The final chapter of one of Shonen Jump’s finest manga!


Story by Riichiro Inagaki, Art by Boichi

Ch. 150


Senku’s new enemy packs some serious firepower! Can they fight an enemy armed to the teeth?

Guardian of the Witch
By Asahi Sakano
Ch. 14


Fafner’s in over his head when he fights an enemy that can control gravity!


By Haruichi Furudate

Ch. 393


More high-flying balls and intense action in another riveting chapter!

Jujutsu Kaisen 

By Gege Akutami 

Ch. 106

Jujutsu Kaisen

Itadori’s battle takes an unexpected turn!

Mashle: Magic and Muscles
By Hajime Komoto
Ch. 15

Mashle Muscles

Mash’s battle gets rudely interrupted by a giant scorpion!

Mission: Yozukura Family
By Hitsuji Gondaira
Ch. 35

Mission Family

Taiyo visits the Library of the Dead where one noise means death by librarian!

Mitama Security: Spirit Busters
By Tsurun Hatomune
Ch. 36


Is spending too much time with spirits making Mitama soft? Find out!

By Tomohiro Hasegawa
Ch. 4


Shoko’s finally made a normal friend. But this one has a secret, one that is sure to bug Shoko!

My Hero Academia

By Kohei Horikoshi

Ch. 271

My Hero Academia

Hawks is in serious trouble! Can an old student save his teacher?

The Promised Neverland 

Story by Kaiu Shirai, Art by Posuka Demizu

Ch. 177


A bittersweet chapter as a demon seeks revenge!

Time Paradox Ghostwriter
Story by Kenji Ichima, Art by Tsunehiro Date
Ch. 1

Time Paradox Ghostwriter

A malfunctioning microwave gives a failing mangaka a miracle from the future!

Undead Unluck
By Yoshifumi Tozuka
Ch. 16

Undead Andhy

A pivotal chapter that changes the story’s trajectory! Don’t miss this one!

We Never Learn

By Taishi Tsutsui

Ch. 158

We Never Learn

Find out what happens when Yuiga and Ogata finally get some alone time!

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