Shonen Jump Chapters 03/21/2021

The pro heroes try to restore hope in My Hero Academia! Can Endeavor atone for his past? Meanwhile, new arcs are also starting to ramp up in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and Dragon Ball Super!

By Jeric Llanes March 21, 2021

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My Hero Academia

By Kohei Horikoshi

Ch. 306


Our heroes must finally answer to the public! Can they ease the widespread panic and pain of the city?

Kaiju No. 8
By Naoya Matsumoto
Ch. 29


Even when the odds are against him, the Vice-Captain draws his blade to continue the fight!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Creation/Supervision by Masashi Kishimoto, Art by Mikio Ikemoto
Ch. 56


While Boruto and Kawaki deal with the aftermath of the battle, Code begins to make his move!

Dragon Ball Super

Original Story By Akira Toriyama, Manga By Toyotarou 

Ch. 70


The strongest warrior in the universe will soon rise up! Is it Goku? Vegeta? Or…?

Spy x Family
By Tatsuya Endo
Ch. 43


Franky is ready to pull out all the gadgets to find a missing cat, and Yor is here to back him up!

Ayakashi Triangle (Web-Only)
By Kentaro Yabuki
Ch. 37


Suzu isn’t safe at home! Can Matsuri stop this icy Ayakashi?

Black Clover
By Yūki Tabata
Ch. 286


Flashback time! Dive deep into Nacht’s upbringing with his twin brother, Morgen!

Build King
By Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Ch. 17


Satan’s Hills have invaded! Can Tonkachi hammer his way out of this one?!


Story by Riichiro Inagaki, Art by Boichi

Ch. 190

Dr Stone

Stanley continues to show no mercy! Will the Kingdom of Science live to see tomorrow?!

The Elusive Samurai
By Yusei Matsui
Ch. 9


Tokiyuki has a plan to get an advantage in this archery contest, but will it be enough for victory?

Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin
By Ryuhei Tamura
Ch. 35


Samejima answers back with a devastating attack! Is it enough to get him out of this pinch?

High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku
By Ryo Nakama
Ch. 31


Another student has a crush on...Kotaro’s mom?!

i tell c
By Kazusa Inaoka
Ch. 8


The tables have turned on our detectives! Can Risa and the others hold on to finish this case?!

Jujutsu Kaisen 

By Gege Akutami 

Ch. 143


Yuta appears to have been victorious, but what does that mean for Itadori?!

Magu-chan: God of Destruction
By Kei Kamiki
Ch. 36


Can Unisuke make friends with the great Magu-chan?!

Mashle: Magic and Muscles
By Hajime Komoto
Ch. 55


While Mash wins over the crowd with his strength, Magarette takes time to showcase his power!

Me & Roboco
By Shuhei Miyazaki
Ch. 34


Shun returns to class and is super excited to see Bondo again...Maybe a bit TOO excited!

Mission: Yozukura Family
By Hitsuji Gondaira
Ch. 75

Mission Yoz

It’s a battle of analytical skills and strategy! Can Shion and Kengo break down this all-knowing security system?!

Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade
Story by Mikiyasu Kamada, Art by Ashibi Fukui
Ch. 6

Nine Dragons

Ryudo is fired up! Will he be able to strike out Tsurugi and recruit him to the team?

Phantom Seer
Story by Togo Goto, Art by Kento Matsuura
Ch. 28


With his friends being held hostage, Iori is left with an impossible choice!

Sakamoto Days
By Yuto Suzuki
Ch. 16


Sakamoto might be one of the toughest guys in JUMP, but can he fend off desperate shoppers for a limited edition backpack?!

Undead Unluck
By Yoshifumi Tozuka
Ch. 56


Conflicting views of justice has led to a betrayal within the Union!

Kenta Shinohara
Ch. 7


If Moi thought watching over Nico was tough, his problems will probably double this week...

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