Shonen Jump Chapters 03/07/2021

A chilling virus threatens the samurai of the Wano War in One Piece! Meanwhile, a mysterious new character in Magu-chan: God of Destruction?!

By Jeric Llanes March 07, 2021

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Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
Story by Takaya Kagami, Art by Yamato Yamamoto, Storyboards by Daisuke Furuya
Ch. 100


A desperate plan to trap a demon runs into a snag!

Twin Star Exorcists
By Yoshiaki Sukeno
Ch. 91

Twin Exorcist

Valiant warriors fall as the battle on Tsuchimikado Island continues!

World Trigger
By Daisuke Ashihara
Ch. 206


The away teams are chosen, now they must learn to coexist in the Sealed Environment Phase!

Kaiju No. 8
By Naoya Matsumoto
Ch. 28


The Kaiju attack on the base takes a terrifying turn!

Spy x Family
By Tatsuya Endo
Ch. 42

Spy Family

Friendships are tested as all seek the edifying powers of the Pastry of Knowledge!

Ayakashi Triangle (Web-Only)
By Kentaro Yabuki
Ch. 35

Ayakashi Tingler

A childhood friend stirs up some powerful emotions in Ninokuru!

Black Clover
By Yūki Tabata
Ch. 284


The fruits of intensive training are about to be unleashed! Will it be enough to topple the devils?

Build King
By Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Ch. 15

Build King

Some hard questions in Build King. Questions that can only be answered with fists!


Story by Riichiro Inagaki, Art by Boichi

Ch. 188

Dr Stone

A savage fight ends in a bloodstained battlefield! Can Stanley be stopped?!

The Elusive Samurai
By Yusei Matsui
Ch. 7


When a creep comes a-knocking, Yorishige sees a training opportunity!

Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin
By Ryuhei Tamura
Ch. 33

Dolphin Cop

The showdown in the undersea temple takes an unexpected turn!

High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku
By Ryo Nakama
Ch. 29


An antisocial team member leads to some sports manga shenanigans!

i tell c
By Kazusa Inaoka
Ch. 6


A psychopath’s got Ms. Aioi in his sights! Is her crime-loving career over?

Jujutsu Kaisen 

By Gege Akutami 

Ch. 141


Itadori’s in for the fight of his life against an unknown foe with deadly powers!

Magu-chan: God of Destruction
By Kei Kamiki
Ch. 34


Ruru meets a strange being with a dark and destructive will!

Mashle: Magic and Muscles
By Hajime Komoto
Ch. 53


Mash faces an opponent who can return any damage done to him. Can Mash withstand his own attacks?

Me & Roboco
By Shuhei Miyazaki
Ch. 32


A battle of wills leads to a dramatic test of friendship!

Mission: Yozukura Family
By Hitsuji Gondaira
Ch. 73


Pushed to the max, another Yozakura family member faces their breaking point!

My Hero Academia

By Kohei Horikoshi

Ch. 304

My Hero Aca

As Deku slumbers, he comes face to face with those who dwell within him.

Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade
Story by Mikiyasu Kamada, Art by Ashibi Fukui
Ch. 4


The race to build the dream team begins! Can they find their slugger?

One Piece

By Eiichiro Oda

Ch. 1,006


As everyone turns to ice, Chopper desperately tries to finish the cure. Will he make it in time?!

Phantom Seer
Story by Togo Goto, Art by Kento Matsuura
Ch. 26


The battle with the Puppet Master continues as she unleashes horror after horror!

Sakamoto Days
By Yuto Suzuki
Ch. 14

Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto infiltrates an assassin stronghold to find out why there’s a hit on him!

Undead Unluck
By Yoshifumi Tozuka
Ch. 54


More scheming and planning as the quest to kill God intensifies!

Kenta Shinohara
Ch. 5

Witch Watch

Things get out of hand when Niko decides to cast a spell on her whole class!

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