Do You Have a Free Tentacle?

Then wrap it around this new Assassination Classroom Complete Box Set!

By Annette Roman September 03, 2019

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There’s something deeply satisfying about seeing all of Assassination Classroom in one beautiful yellow box! If you’ve missed some of the volumes, this is your chance to get the complete story arc from start to finish at a great price. If you’ve only watched the anime, this is your chance to binge read the original manga. This manga has a clear beginning, middle and end, so it’s nice to be able to read it all at once before you forget what happened (and the clues to the mysteries) in the previous volumes.

Not familiar with the series...? Well, it starts out with a super-powered, yellow, smiley-face octopus teacher, Koro-sensei, instructing a class of junior high misfits. For some unknown reason, he promises the world governments he won’t destroy our planet for one year if he is permitted to teach this class. As an added bonus, he promises not to harm a hair on his students’ heads—but invites them to assassinate him at any time. Easier said then done...

The back of this massive box displays the covers of all 21 of the series’ intensely colored, minimalist covers!


The front of the box grins out at you with the iconic Koro-sensei smiley face.


The ends of the box have cute full-color images of Koro-sensei saluting you or eating snacks.


And the base of the box... Wait, did you think we’d leave it blank?! Not on my watch! The base is decorated with the go game board Koro-sensei-head pattern you’ll find on the graphic novel back covers. Fun fact: because we don’t have flaps on the covers of our English editions, we weren’t able to give you the full experience of the actual game moves that were played out from volume to volume.

Now for the extras inside the box set!

We’ve included a full-color, double-sided poster and a 32-page full-color pamphlet of images! One side of the poster has yearbook style headshots of all the characters. Who is your favorite...? The other side is a shot of the 3-E students gathered in a circle looking down at something or someone on the ground (possibly Koro-sensei?). Hang it on your ceiling and they’ll be looking down at you!


The theme of the pamphlet is group shot spreads (so you get bigger images) of Koro-sensei and the Class 3-E students drawn in different art styles and alternate realities. So there’s zombie 3-E, Cold War spy 3-E, cooking show 3-E, Christmas 3-E and many more—plus one of my all-time favorite Assassination Classroom images, a softly colored drawing of Nagita and Koro Sensei reading, drinking tea, and laughing together on a patch of grass. When I feel sad about the end of the series (no spoilers!), it always comforts me to look at this picture.



The image inside the box underneath all the volumes I’ll keep secret. Let’s just say it’s one we really wanted to add because we couldn’t give you the complete version on one of the covers.

Oh, one more thing... The white handle on the yellow background on the top of the (convenient velcro-closure) box is a callback to Koro Sensei’s smile. I didn’t know we had color options for box handles until I enquired. Now I’m going to obsess about what color to use for all my box sets. (Looks behind desk...) Ah, the Rosario+Vampire box set has a black handle. Well, that fits the color scheme of the box nicely... But what’s with the shot of Moka holding a watermelon in a matching bikini on the back of the box?!

Anyway, as you can see, we give a lot of thought to the images we pick for our box sets, inside and out. Don’t tell your friends about the white “toothy smile” handle on the Assassination Classroom Box Set, and see if it dawns on them one day while enviously gazing at it sitting majestically on your bookshelf!

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