Collecting Pokémon is no easy task, Dawn finds, and training them can be even harder!The work pays off as she and Ash and Brock make their way to Eterna City for Ash's next gym battle, then on to Hearthome for the Sinnoh Double Battle Tournament. But the biggest challenge of all just might be getting there! Can a Pokémon with teleportation skills give them a hand?Episodes 35-51Disc 5:8 EpisodesPokédexSHELLOS (WEST SEA)Type: WaterSpecies: Sea Slug PokémonHeight: 1' 00"Weight: 13.9 LBS.Episode 35:An Elite Meet and GreetEpisode 36:A Secret Sphere of InfluenceEpisode 37:The Grass MenagerieEpisode 38:One Big Happiny FamilyEpisode 39:Steamboat WilliesEpisode 40:Top-Down TrainingEpisode 41:A Stand-Up Sit-DownEpisode 42:The Electrike CompanyDisc 6:9 EpisodesPokédexSHIELDONType: Rock-SteelSpecies: Shield PokémonHeight: 1' 08"Weight: 125.7 LBS.Episode 43:Malice in WonderlandEpisode 44:Mass Hip-Po-SisEpisode 45:Ill-Will HuntingEpisode 46:A Maze-ing RaceEpisode 47:Sandshrew's LockerEpisode 48:Dawn's Early NightEpisode 49:Tag! We're ItEpisode 50:Glory BlazeEpisode 51:Smells Like Team Spirit

Release March 17, 2009
UPC 7-82009-23916-1
ISBN-13 978-1-4215-2601-0
Length 374 min.
Series Pokémon
Category TV Series
Age Rating   All Ages