Beautiful cities, passionate Gym Leaders, mysterious legends of time and space, cruel villains, and of course, all new Pokémon--all these and more await Ash Ketchum in the Sinnoh region, as he continues his journey to become a Pokémon Master!Joining him are his best friend Pikachu and Brock, as well as a new friend--Dawn! Dawn wants to become a champion Pokémon Coordinator, just like her mother. Standing in her way are tough competitors like Zoey and Jessie of Team Rocket, as well as her own inexperience. As for Ash, with his friends at his side and the right Pokémon to train and battle with, he's confident he'll make it to the Sinnoh League--that is, if his new rival Paul doesn't get there first!Episodes 1-17Disc 1:8 EpisodesPokédexCROAGUNKType: Poison-FightingSpecies: Toxic Mouth PokémonHeight: 2' 4"Weight: 50.7 LBS.Episode 1:Following a Maiden's VoyageEpisode 2:Two Degrees of SeparationEpisode 3:When Pokémon Worlds CollideEpisode 4:Dawn of a New EraEpisode 5:Gettin' Twiggy With ItEpisode 6:Different Strokes for Different BlokesEpisode 7:Like It or Lup ItEpisode 8:Gymbaliar Disc 2:9 EpisodesPokédexBUNEARYType: NormalSpecies: Rabbit PokémonHeight: 1' 4"Weight: 12.1 LBS.Episode 9:Setting the World on Its BunearyEpisode 10:Not on My Watch Ya Don'tEpisode 11:Mounting a Coordinator AssaultEpisode 12:Arrival of a RivalEpisode 13:A Staravia Is BornEpisode 14:Leave It to BrockoEpisode 15:Shapes of Things to ComeEpisode 16:A Gruff Act to FollowEpisode 17:Wild in the Streets

Release September 16, 2008
UPC 7-82009-23901-7
ISBN-13 978-1-4215-2544-0
Series Pokémon
Category TV Series
Age Rating   All Ages