Mission time! Boruto and Team 7’s simple mission becomes a lot more complicated when it turns into a kidnapping case! Shikadai and his team find themselves embroiled in the affairs of the mysterious Byakuya Gang. What are the goals of these masked marauders? Are they just crooks or something more? Then the all-girl team led by Hanabi gets into a hairy situation. Never a dull day in the Leaf Village!

This set includes 13 episodes (40-52) on two Blu-ray discs, in 16x9. Stereo 2.0 Audio English and Japanese (with English subtitles).

Special Features: English Cast Interview, Chibi Stickers, Storyboards, Art Gallery, Clean Opening/Ending.

Release January 21, 2020
UPC 7-82009-24576-6
Category TV Series
Age Rating TV-14

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