About the VIZ Originals One-Shots Program

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VIZ Originals One-Shots showcase aspiring mangaka working in English. You can read all-new stories by up-and-coming creators, and be the first to read the hits of the future.

The program is led by renowned former Weekly Shonen Jump editor-in-chief Hisashi SASAKI! For the first time outside of Japan, the editor who helped bring to life some of manga’s greatest hits is lending his expertise to develop exciting new talent.

Select one-shots will be expanded into a series, so read and cheer for your favorite new manga! Check back monthly for new one-shots – only in VIZ Manga!

What’s a one-shot? A one-shot is a short, self-contained manga. Our one-shots are approximately 20-50 pages in length. Some of the all-time great manga titles began as one-shots, and you can be a part of this journey from the beginning.

Are you an aspiring mangaka? Manga is an evolving expression of art and story and we are looking for talented creators to join us in creating the future of manga! Whether you are an established creator with a new idea or are putting the finishing touches on your very first one-shot, if you are passionate about manga, we want to hear from you! Learn more about how to submit your work.

What is VIZ Originals? VIZ Originals is a new imprint of VIZ Media dedicated to publishing original graphic novels developed by manga-inspired creators. See our VIZ Originals titles.