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Tuxedo Gin

Ginji has gotten himself reincarnated as a penguin to stay near his dream girl.

Created by Tokihiko Matsuura | MoreLess about Tuxedo Gin

Teenage boxer Ginji died and got himself reincarnated as a penguin to stay close to Minako, the girl of his dreams. Now, “Gin-chan” must perish of natural causes to be restored to his former self…

Originally from Mie Prefecture, Matsuura, after working as an assistant for Tatuya Egawa (Golden Boy, Tokyo University Story), made his debut in 1995 with WARP BOY in Shonen Sunday. Other works include BRAVE SARU S (Brave Monkey S) and RISING SUN.

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Tuxedo Gin, Vol. 1

Meet seventeen-year-old Ginji Kusanagi. Things are going great for him; he's only in high school but he's on the eve of making his debut as a pro-boxer. He's also just met Minako Sasebo, the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, Ginji has an accident and dies...and is then reincarnated into a penguin! Will love be able to bloom between a boxing perguin and a beautiful girl!?

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