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Time Paradox Ghostwriter

The future of Shonen Jump manga is here! Literally! In the microwave!

Created by Kenji Ichima and Tsunehiro Date | MoreLess about Time Paradox Ghostwriter

A struggling manga artist is about to give up on his dreams until lightning strikes and his destiny is forever changed. What would you do if you found an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump from ten years in the future in your microwave?

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Time Paradox Ghostwriter, Vol. 1

Teppei Sasaki is a rookie mangaka trying to get a series in Weekly Shonen Jump. When it doesn’t work out, he’s cast into the depths of despair...until suddenly, an issue of Jump from ten years in the future appears in his apartment! It’s a time-travel spectacle balancing Shonen Jump and the fate of Teppei’s future!!

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