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Romantic Killer

To save humanity, and her cat, Anzu must go…on a date?

Created by Wataru Momose | MoreLess about Romantic Killer

High schooler Anzu Hoshino has a great life. Every day she plays video games, pigs out on snacks, and pets her beloved cat. But this blissful existence is turned into a confusing mess when a magical creature transports her to an altered reality bereft of her favorite things. Now she’s stuck with hot guys instead! How can she possibly survive in such an awful world?!

Wataru Momose's Romantic Killer won first place in Shonen Jump’s Vertical Scroll Manga Award. Serialized in both Shonen Jump+ and TenCent Dongman in 2019, Romantic Killer completed in 2020 with four total volumes.
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Romantic Killer, Vol. 2

Thanks to magical fairy Riri’s magic, Anzu is now stuck spending her days fending off hot guys. First it was classmate Kazuki, then childhood friend Junta. Now the rich and naive Koganei has suddenly taken an interest in her!

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