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Phantom Seer

Created by Togo Goto and Kento Matsuura | MoreLess about Phantom Seer

Iori Katanagi doesn’t want to be a shaman. He yearns to lead a normal unassuming life—not too likely for one of the most powerful shamans alive! And now he finds himself getting further and further away from his dream since meeting Riku Aibetsu, a cheerful girl with the unusual ability to attract phantoms.

Togo Goto is a Japanese manga writer whose first work, Phantom Seer, was serialized in Weeky Shonen Jump.

Kento Matsuura is a Japanese manga artist whose works include Tokyo Shinobi Squad and Phantom Seer. Both series were serialized in Weeky Shonen Jump.

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Phantom Seer, Vol. 1

Iori Katanagi is a shaman who’s not very enthusiastic about his job. One day he receives an order from his sister that he can’t refuse—investigate the phantoms that are haunting his classmate Riku Aibetsu. However, the case doesn’t turn out to be so simple when Iori discovers a connection between himself and Riku’s strange power of attracting phantoms.

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