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A technical delinquent and a regular delinquent take over the Japanese criminal underworld!

Created by Tomohide Hirao and Mizuki Yoda | MoreLess about ne0;lation

Daigo Minai only has two goals—helping his sister pay off their late parents’ debt and graduating high school. But when he meets Arata One, a computer genius with an IQ of 191 and a penchant for punishing criminals, he gets saddled with a third—using his muscle to help One achieve his dream of one day ruling the city as the wizard-level hacker “ne0” by taking down one criminal at a time.

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ne0;lation, Vol. 2

Ne0’s work on the Lemming case lands him a visit from Gevaudan, a crime consultant who works behind the scenes to produce criminals. And he only wants one thing—ne0’s life. But just before Gevaudan can pull the trigger, the young genius hacker pulls an ace from his sleeve. Will ne0 be able to outwit Gevaudan and escape with his life?

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