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Mitama Security: Spirit Busters

When a strange guy comes to bust pesky spirits, he may be more of a hindrance than a help!

Created by by Tsurun Hatomune | MoreLess about Mitama Security: Spirit Busters

Rena Haze has possessed the ability to see spirits since she was a little girl, but instead of being frightened by them, she simply pretends they don’t exist. Now in high school, Rena is being haunted by a line of nearly 100 spirits. The incredible length of her spirit line catches the attention of Mitama, a SecuREIty agent dead set on protecting her from the spirits she’s so desperate to ignore. There's just one problem—he's deathly afraid of spirits!

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Mitama Security: Spirit Busters, Vol. 1

Rena Haze may be surrounded by spirits, but she feels as lonely as ever—that is, until her ever-growing spirit line catches the attention of Mitama, a wimpy spirit buster who swears to protect her no matter what. Rena may find Mitama and his unorthodox exorcism methods annoying, but there's something about him that keeps her coming back for more. The quest to free Rena of her spirit line starts now!

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