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Love’s in Sight!

Love blooms between a delinquent and a spunky girl with a vision impairment!

Created by Uoyama | MoreLess about Love’s in Sight!

Morio Kurokawa is the toughest-looking tough guy around. Yukiko Akaza is a self-possessed girl with a vision impairment attending a school for the blind. The whole city fears Morio, but Yukiko sees the real him—he’s a soft sweetheart who’s just searching for his place in the world!

Uoyama is a Japanese manga artist and author whose first work, Love’s in Sight!, began serialization on Nico Nico Seiga and Pixiv in 2018. It was adapted into a live-action TV series in 2021.
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Love’s in Sight!, Vol. 1

Mori the Black Panther has won over a hundred fights. He’s beloved by his goons and feared by the public. But now, he faces his biggest challenge yet when he meets Yukiko…and falls in love at first sight! Can Morio outgrow his delinquent roots and turn over a new leaf for his unexpected love?

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