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Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love

Sometimes the greatest rush isn’t falling in love—it’s what happens after you fall in love!

Created by Ayuko Hatta | MoreLess about Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love

After missing out on love because she was too shy to confess her feelings, high school student Satomi blurts out how she feels the next time she gets a crush—and it’s to her impossibly handsome schoolmate Yagyu! To her surprise, he agrees to date her. Now that Satomi’s suddenly in a relationship, what next?

Ayuko Hatta is a shojo manga artist who resides in the Kansai region of Japan. She loves playing games and is generally acknowledged by those around her to be an innate gamer. She’s also good at cooking and drawing caricatures.

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Final Volume!

Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love, Vol. 9

The four friends depart on a school trip to Nagasaki together. Satomi and Yagyu start thinking about their lives after high school, as do Miria and Noda. What does the future hold for these two couples who have found their fated loves in high school?

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