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Hi-Fi Cluster

Villains and heroes with downloadable abilities fight in a futuristic Tokyo!

Created by Ippei Goto | MoreLess about Hi-Fi Cluster

In a society where you can download Ability Labels to instantly acquire new skills ranging from cooking to butt kicking, it would seem that everyone is equal. Except that you need to qualify for the Abilities you download—and be capable of using them. Naturally a black market forms around buying and selling the rarest and most restricted Abilities... And evil forces scheme to use them to take over the world!

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Hi-Fi Cluster, Vol. 3

Using their unique Hi-Fi Abilities, Peta and Special Unit Six protect Tokyo from Ability Label-enhanced crime. But has the group met its match with the reemergence of Landscape Mole? Having taken Parliament hostage, the maniacal genius demands the release of a partner in crime. With an explosive showdown imminent and a dark secret of Kandera's yet to be revealed, the misfit members of Special Unit Six will have to push their Abilities—and themselves—to the limit!

All this, plus creator Goto’s debut manga about two teenage boxers and the original Hi-Fi Cluster one-shot that led to the series!

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