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Boy’s Abyss

Self-serving adults and broken dreams push a teenager toward the abyss.

Created by Ryo Minenami | MoreLess about Boy’s Abyss

Reiji’s life is as miserable as the small town he can’t escape. The most interesting thing that’s ever happened there is a double suicide down by the river. Does Reiji have any power over his fate, or will he too fall into the abyss?

Ryo Minenami was born in Tokyo, Japan. In 2006, he received an honorable mention in the Shogakukan 58th Rookie Comic Awards, Youth Category. His first serialized work, Oboreru Hanabi (Drowning Fireworks), was published in 2009 in Moba MAN. Other credits include the series Himegoto: Jukyusai no Seifuku (Princess’s Possessions: Uniform of a 19-Year-Old), Hatsukoi Zombie (First-Love Zombie), and the one-shot “Hanayome Warashi” (Child Bride). His series Boy’s Abyss began serialization in Weekly Young Jump in 2020.
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Boy’s Abyss, Vol. 2

Reiji’s teacher Ms. Shiba and best friend Gen are both determined to prevent him from killing himself, but their motives aren’t pure, and their methods are dubious. Meanwhile, Chako obsessively pursues the writer she hero-worships, while pop idol Nagi schemes to keep her hooks in Reiji.

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