Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Vol. 6

This volume proves the old adage, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." 

By Urian Brown April 01, 2015

Our last volume left Shark and Kaito in a serious bind! The two just started to throw down for a duel of their own when the latest two Numbers they won (a LITTLE too easily) turn on them! Yet this is just the beginning—Yagumo’s power has grown far beyond even Mr. Heartland’s expectations, with secrets behind him that no one saw coming! Try not to get a neck ache with all the 180s that this volume pulls out!

Raising Cain

Shadow snuck his secret weapons, Number 13: Cain’s Doom and Number 31: Abel’s Doom, into Kaito’s and Shark’s decks when he threw his duels with each of them. Unfortunately, their effects tie up their owners and drain their life points each turn. Horrified, Yuma challenges Shadow and demands their safety should he win. Shadow agrees…“generously” allowing Yuma to transfer his own life points during his duel to Kaito and Shark. (Do these arrogant villain types ever play fair?

Ygz6 Review 3

This whole duel gives us a pretty good look at how the three heroic factions conflict with each other. Yuma’s the only straight-up good guy, so big surprise that the I-work-alone Shark and the better-than-all-y’all Kaito both get pretty steamed about having to accept Yuma’s help. I had to admit, this duel really displayed how, in spite of all of them most definitely NOT wanting the world to explode, their conflicting priorities, headstrong personalities and insecure egos keep them from working together directly. Yet the fact that they DO care less about their differences than about stopping Yagumo’s attempts to make the universe into a vacant lot ultimately shines through, in an awesome (and very literal) example.

Ygz6 Review 4

Game Changer

From here on in, we get enough twists to turn the plotline into a plot-double-helix. Realizing that even his amazing dueling skills, Numbers cards and spider-based superpowers might not be enough to stop our heroes, Yagumo decides to… er, stack the deck. After turning on Dr. Faker and Mr. Heartland, ol’ eight-eyes sets his sights on recruiting Kaito to his side by force. (And how better to do that than by using Haruto as both bait and a shield? Man, what a guy!)

Ygz6 Review 5

Elsewhere, Luna regales Yuma and Astral with the secrets and tragedies behind the attacks on the Astral World. Pretty much everything Yuma and the others took for granted gets turned on their heads once she’s had her say. Dr. Faker’s role, Mr. Heartland’s motives, even the true purpose behind Astral’s arrival on earth all suddenly take on new meanings. Seriously, you are NOT prepared! (I sure as heck wasn’t!)

Ygz6 Review 6

Nothing is as it seems anymore in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal manga, but that’s not going to stop Yuma and Astral. As a new tournament in Heartland breaks the day, Yuma returns to the fray, ready to settle the fate of both worlds once and for all! I know I’m stoked to see how all this plays out!

Ygz6 Review 7Number 52: Diamond Crab King

Inside each first-print edition of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, you can find a free Yu-Gi-Oh! promo card! For volume 6, the promo card is Number 52: Diamond Crab King!

This little Number can do quite a bit of damage to your opponent if you play him right. With 3000 DEF, Diamond Crab King can be a pretty decent wall, but his real power emerges if you detach one XYZ-material to transfer his DEF to his ATK, making him an instant powerhouse! Heck, he’s even obliging enough to go back to Defense Mode at the end of the turn if you do! Unfortunately, like most Xyz monsters you only have as many hits as he’s got Materials. To make matters even dodgier, he automatically switches into Attack Mode if your opponent attacks him after you’ve spent all his Materials! And with 0 ATK, you can bet that a diamond’s not forever after all…

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