Token Collector

This token should definitely be appreciated!

By John Bae October 11, 2018

1011 ygo 0

Meet Token Collector! You’ll never see a Token Card on the field while Token Collector is around, because Token Collector snatches them all up in its net! Token Collector is the ultimate enemy of Token Cards and will be available in the upcoming Soul Fusion booster set.

1011 Ygo 0Token Collector’s effect makes it just about impossible for Duelists to use Token Cards. While it’s on the field, neither player can Special Summon Tokens. If it’s Special Summoned, it will destroy as many Tokens on the field as possible. Token Collector doesn’t have any ATK to start, but as it collects Tokens, its ATK increases. Each Token it destroys with its effect increases its ATK by 400.

It’s easy to get Token Collector on the field. Since it’s a Level 4 monster, you can Summon or Set it without Tribute. In addition, you can Special Summon Token Collector from your Graveyard or from your hand if a Token is Special Summoned by either Duelist! Doing so will set off Token Collector’s effect to destroy all Tokens on the field and increase its ATK!

Drawing a single Token Collector will usually be enough to let you lock your opponent out of using Tokens for the entire Duel! That’s because Token Collector’s effect makes it easy to Summon it from just about anywhere. Token Collector is just as effective against Tokens while it’s in your Graveyard, so you can also use a card like Foolish Burial to send Token Collector directly from your Deck to your Graveyard so you don’t need to draw it! Once Token Collector is in your Graveyard, it’ll lie in wait until your opponent Special Summons one or more Tokens to the field and then immediately pounce to destroy those Tokens and prevent your opponent from Summoning any more of them.

As the popularity of Link Monsters boomed, Tokens became an increasingly important part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. That’s because Tokens can be used to easily Link Summon monsters. Scapegoat, which Special Summons four Sheep Tokens to the field at once, and Phantom Skyblaster, which can Special Summon up to three Skyblaster Tokens to the field at once, remain popular cards in tournaments because of how effectively they facilitate Link Summons. Token Collector stops these cards in their tracks and fights back with increased ATK if an opponent uses them.

Token Collector is a nifty card that is effective against lots of Decks and strategies. You can get Token Collector in Soul Fusion on October 19! Or, check out the Sneak Peeks at Official Tournament Stores near you on October 13th and/or 14th!