Not Your Average One-Hit Wonder

Saitama's back and hitting harder than ever in this ONE-PUNCH MAN Blu-ray/DVD set!

By Charlene Ingram April 25, 2017

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Every now and again an anime series comes along and truly knocks you off your feet. You know, the kind of series you can show your “skeptical about anime” friends and get them completely enamored with the medium. It’s gotta be something short, relatable and with the kind of powerful hook that would win in a title fight. Without a doubt, ONE-PUNCH MAN is one of those rare titles and today we’re talking about the best way to experience this great series yet!

Yes! ONE-PUNCH MAN hits the store shelves today and when I say “epic” it’s no foolin’! The Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is something we’ve been working hard on for a loooong time, and we are thrilled to bring something so epic to the fans of this fantastic series. Product photos just don’t fully convey the splendor, so check out this all-new unboxing video!

Not only do you get the full series presented in both English and Japanese with English subtitles, you get loads of extras, including six all-new OVAs. The OVAs are exclusive to the Blu-ray version, so to get the full experience, be sure to get the Combo Pack! For our friends who order from you will get an exclusive Hero Association metal pin while supplies last. Don’t miss your chance, because when they are gone, they are gone forever!

Not so bad for a “Hero for fun,” right?