This Week's Issue 07/06/15

Commanding member of the secret "Anime Expolice" and SJ Editor Urian Brown takes a look at this week's issue. 

By Urian Brown July 06, 2015

art by Masashi Kishimoto

This is one of those rare "artsy" Shonen Jump covers. Usually, the heroes of SJ are looking at the reader, but this one is just Naruto gazing over the village he's given so much to protect. But it's not just to be artsy! It's part of the announcement for the Hokage for a Day contest, where one lucky winner will get to go to New York Comic Con and meet Masashi Kishimoto himself! You can get all the details, right here

One-Punch Man  
story by ONE, art by Yusuke Murata

Mumen Rider's in the hospital! Saitama pays him a visit to find out more information about the new deadly villain taking down heroes left and right. Will Mumen Rider have any info that will help Saitama track this guy down before he does more damage? And what is the secret of this monster's powers?

One Punch Man

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
by story by Takaya Kagami, art by Yamato Yamamoto, storyboards by Daisuke Furuya

After years of separation, Mika's found his childhood friend, Yuichiro! But in order to get to his friend, Mika's got to get through a lot of tough members of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. And they only see him as a bloodsucking foe, not Yuichiro's childhood friend. Making matters worse, Yuichiro's passed out and can't explain anything! It doesn't get much more dramatic than this! 

Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring
by Masashi Kishimoto

It's the final chapter of Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring! This manga has surprised me again and again. I kinda thought the whole thing would be about Boruto, Naruto's son, but it's about Sasuke's daughter. I also didn't expect a teen-angst story, I thought it would just be comedy. And I didn't expect Choji's wacky daughter to steal the show again and again. Plus, an amazing battle with tons of great fighting moments for the characters. And an Orochimaru chapter! It makes me wish Kishimoto Sensei would just make a brand new comic starring the next generation of Konoha, but I suppose that's just being greedy. Fifteen years is a long time to work with a grueling weekly manga schedule! He definitely deserves a break! 


by Naoshi Komi

Yui gets a serious wake-up call—now that she's a adult and the head of a crime family, she has to get married! But who will she marry? Could it be Raku? Would that really work? It's time to do some soul searching as she sorts out her feelings for her dearest "Rakky." 

by Tite Kubo

The Bazz-B and Haschwalth flashback continues! Last chapter, Yhwach shocked everyone by declaring he wanted Haschwalth on his team! But Haschwalth has no Quincy abilities! In fact, he's kind of a dud in that respect. Just what could Yhwach want from him? 


World Trigger
by Daisuke Ashihara

More cats on heads! More cats on heads! Well, actually not much more, but if you've been enjoying that aspect of the manga lately, it continues. In other news, there's a new guy in town, and he doesn't take kindly to strangers. Especially strangers with big mouths! Look out World Trigger fans, incoming bad boy! 

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
story by Yuto Tsukuda, art by Shun Saeki, contributor Yuki Morisaki

The Moon Festival is open! And so far, it's off to a hot start, especially for the Chinese-Food Research Society booth with their spicy sichuan cooking! But Soma's got his own plan to woo festival goers with his special pork buns from Taiwan! Will his buns be delicious enough to defeat the hot sichuan delights? One thing is for sure—many tongues will be burnt!


My Hero Academia
by Kohei Horikoshi

After the breakthrough in last week's chapter, Midoriya gets a chance to try out his newfound abilities on Gran Torino! But this old coot is far from helpless, and Midoriya quickly finds out he may have bit off more than he can chew. Meanwhile, the bad guys have a powwow and decide their next move! 

Black Clover
by Yûki Tabata

Just when it seemed like Mars was defeated, he came roaring back in a new stronger form. And although Asta's got a new sword, he doesn't know exactly how to use it yet! Making matters worse, almost everyone is out of power from the prolonged battle. Is there any hope? Who will save the day?!

Black Clover

One Piece
by Eiichiro Oda

Doflamingo is out for the count! He's been defeated by Luffy, and Dressrosa is finally free from his feathery grip! The fight has been a long and bloody one, and many have lost their lives. But now it's time for celebration and reflection of the past events. Find out what happens as the dust begins to settle! 

Blue Exorcist
by Kazue Kato

Huge chapter of Blue Exorcist! The top brass at the Knights of the True Cross are having a detailed discussion on what to do about the inevitable showdown with the Illuminati. Get ready to meet some new powerful characters and learn quite a bit about the evil organization trying to bring Satan to earth. Plus, Rin continues to have suspicions about Yukio's behavior, but can't seem to pin him down on anything. Will he find out what's been making Yukio act so distant? 

Blue Exorcist

Dragon Ball
by Akira Toriyama

Read the first chapter of one of the the most successful and influential manga of all time! Dragon Ball gets a JUMP BACK! A full-color chapter of Goku's first encounter with Bulma that would change his fate and eventually lead him down the path to becoming the strongest fighter in the world. And most of the universe! But before all the fame and adventure, he was just a naive little boy living in the woods all by himself. See how it all began!

Dragon Ball

Extras: One-Punch Man anime announcement, Toriyama Sensei Bundles, Weekly Shonen Jump Yearbook announcement, San Diego Comic-Con plans, Nihongo Lesson, Author Comments.

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by Urian Brown