This Week's Issue 02/16/15

Owner of the now defunct President's Day Spa and SJ Editor Urian Brown gives his take on this week's issue. 

By Urian Brown February 16, 2015

Cover SmallCover
art by Yuki Tabata

It's officially JUMP START season! And we've got not one, not two, but three JUMP STARTS in this issue! Black Clover, Kagamigami and Boys Over Flowers Season 2. Black Clover got the cover as you can tell, and I think you'll enjoy it. Especially if you, like me, enjoy fantasy stories with magic and wizards! I grew up reading a lot of fantasy novels, so I will always have a soft spot for it. Hope you fall for this manga's "spell" like I have! 

Black Clover
by Yuki Tabata

Asta has a big dream—he wants to become the next Wizard King! There's just one problem—he can't use magic. Making matters worse, his best friend seems to have an abundance of magical ability. But Asta's not giving up! Not by a long shot! He's determined more than ever to bring out his powers and show the world he can be the King! In my opinion, a good issue of Weekly Shonen Jump should have a little bit of everything. Some sci-fi, fantasy, sports and battle manga. And maybe some kind of love story. We've been sorely lacking in the fantasy department for a while, so it's nice to get a taste of that genre, even if it is only for few weeks. 

Black Clover

One Piece
by Eiichiro Oda

Folks, you are reading a rare manga. Not only is it the best-selling manga of all time in Japan, it's destined to be regarded as one of the all-time greatest manga ever. It's a success on every level. And beyond all that, it's a wonderful example of superior storytelling and character creation. And beyond all that, it has heart. And it gets you in the heart! Especially chapters like this one. This is what manga is all about! 

My Hero Academia
by Kotei Horikoshi

The games are coming to a dramatic end! There's been super-powered headband snatching from both teams, but time is running out! And if Team Midoriya doesn't do something quick, they're not going to make it to the next round! Looks like it's time to dig deep! 

My Hero

by Tite Kubo

Ichigo is at a complete loss as to how to defeat Yhwach! It's an enemy with powers beyond anyone's comprehension! And it looks like Yhwach's latest move has shaken everyone to the core! Is there any hope?! 

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
story by Yuto Tsukuda, art by Shun Saeki

Hisako and Soma's first day in Stagiaire Week lands them in one of the most chaotic restaurants in the city! Mitamura's Western Cuisine used to be a neighborhood restaurant until a shinkansen bullet train stop was built there, and now it's filled with hungry commuters who need their meal fast! The problem is, Mitura's not used to that style of food service at all! Soma has restaurant experience, but Hisako's new to restaurant fast-paced cooking! Can they save the day and feed the hungry passengers in time?! 


by Naoshi Komi

The tears keep flowing in Nisekoi! Chitoge has to move back to the States, and she still hasn't figured out a way to get the clueless Raku to fall for her. She's determined more than ever to convince her gangster father to let her stay in Japan, but he's not budging! Is this the end of their false love?! And how will it affect the other 25 girls that love Raku?! 

by Toshiaki Iwashiro

According to the manga Bakuman, the second chapter is even more important than the first! Because it's easy enough to hook readers, but keeping them on the line is another story. For the record, I'm paraphrasing there. That being said, or paraphrased in this case, I'd say this is an excellent second chapter. We get to learn more about both the main characters in a fun and amusing way. And we also learn more of those cute/weird white blobby things' powers. And if you're anything like me, learning about new powers is always fun! 


by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

The Monkey King has revealed his true from! And it's...uhh...kind of silly looking, actually. But Toriko and the others aren't laughing. Especially when he releases his first major attack! Will they all be blown to pieces again?! 

Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment
story by Nobuaki Enoki, art by Takeshi Obata

After defeating classroom lawyer after lawyer and solving all matter of strange cases, it looks like Inugami may have met his match! And it's not just another attorney, it's a ninja attorney! Is the great and seemingly unflappable Inugami actually worried?


Boys Over Flowers Season 2
by Yoko Kamino

Yes, this is a shojo. No, we haven't lost our minds. (Well, maybe a little bit.) But this is no regular shojo manga, this is the sequel to the legendary Boys Over Flowers! The original Boys Over Flowers is one of the, if not the best-selling shojo manga of all time! It sold over 54 million copies! And this the sequel! It's a major event and the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump is running the chapters for free on their JUMP+ site! You can also read it simultaneous with Japan on VIZ Manga and Comixology! And we'll be publishing the first three chapters as a JUMP START in the magazine. I'm a huge fan of the original series and often describe it to people as the "Dragon Ball Z" of shojo because it's just that good. And almost that popular! It's been adapted into a hit anime series, as well as TV dramas in numerous countries including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and India. Even though it's shojo, I hope you'll give it a chance! Here's to more adventures at the prestigious Eitoku Academy! 

Boys Over Flowers

Extras: Boys Over Flowers bundle announcement, Nihongo Lesson, Author Comments. 

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by Urian Brown