The Hottest Book Releases, June 19

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By VIZ Media June 19, 2024

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Naruto: Sasuke’s Story—The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: The Manga, Vol. 1

Naruto Sasukes Story The Manga Gn01 3 D Newsletter

Sasuke Uchiha heads for the isolationist land of Redaku, where he’ll need to infiltrate an astronomical observatory that’s being operated as a prison for deadly criminals. There he has a rendezvous with none other than his wife, Sakura, and together they dive into an investigation to uncover traces of the Sage of Six Paths! With danger lurking around every corner, what fate lies in store for the ninja couple?

Kaiju No. 8, Vol. 10

Kaiju No8 Gn10 3 D Newsletter

With kaiju cataclysms transpiring across Japan, Hoshina heads into battle equipped with Numbers Weapon 10 and soon discovers that wielding the first-ever sentient kaiju weapon won’t be easy. Meanwhile, back in the Oizumi area where Kafka is, six supergiant-class kaiju emerge, worsening an already grave situation. But just as things get dire, some unexpected backup arrives!

Rooster Fighter, Vol. 6

Rooster Fighter Gn06 3 D Newsletter

To save Morio from the demon controlling him, Chicken Little has found her courage and gone inside Morio’s head! She confronts the creature that has attached itself to Morio’s brain, but the parasite may get the better of Chicken Little as well! Meanwhile, Keiji, Keisuke, and Elizabeth battle a seemingly unstoppable devil and his master. When even Keiji goes down, Keisuke must awaken the Righteous Egg within his heart to achieve victory. But will this power be enough?

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