The Hottest Book Releases, Feb. 21

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By VIZ Media February 21, 2024

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Chainsaw Man, Vol. 14
Chainsaw Man Gn14 3 D Newsletter

Asa and Denji are going on a date to the aquarium! Asa just wants to seduce Denji to turn him into a weapon, but Denji might have other ideas. Will they ruin the date with their extreme social awkwardness, or will a surprise attack by a devil be the culprit?

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 20

Dragon Ball Super Gn20 3 D Newsletter

Goku and Vegeta are both struggling to master their respective ultra forms, which they’ll need to defeat Gas, now the strongest warrior in the universe. Can Granolah rejoin the battle and help turn things around? Later, back at home, a pair of superheroes are making headlines! Get ready for a new story arc set on Earth!

Choujin X, Vol. 5   

Choujin X Gn05 3 D Newsletter

Tokio, Ely, and Azuma might be on a tropical island, but it’s about as far from a vacation as you can get. They’re there to undergo all kinds of intense training from the keepers of Yamato Mori to improve their choujin skills. Before they can make much headway, renegade choujin crash their training and try to kidnap one of the three for their mysterious boss! While their teachers bear the brunt of the attack, can Tokio and his friends protect themselves when they can’t even control their powers yet?

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