The Finale of My Love Story!! (Vol. 13)

Will Takeo and Yamato find a way to be together?

By Amy Yu September 15, 2017

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[Mild Spoilers]

I can’t believe the My Love Story!! series is ending at volume 13!! (TEARS~~) It has been such a pleasure editing this manga as it always brought a smile to my face as well as big ol’ guffaws. =D

Long-distance relationships are never an easy thing, and Takeo and Yamato go through the ringer with the stress of getting into college and missing each other so much! With help from good friends (especially SUNA~~), Takeo decides to go to Spain to tell Yamato how he feels.

I like how this volume wraps up with Takeo narrating how his story is the kind that you’d hear anywhere—loving someone who loved him back. It’s really that simple. It sounds like he’s talking to Suna when he says, “I think that somewhere out in this world, you’ll find someone to cherish too. Someone who’ll cherish you back.” But I also think he’s wishing the same thing for everyone.

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Even though My Love Story!! Volume 13 is the last book of the series, it doesn’t really feel like goodbye—more like a “See you!” like on that super sweet last page of Takeo giving us a thumbs-up and Yamato and Suna waving. Thanks for reading and supporting My Love Story!! and loving these guys!! I hope they’ve warmed your hearts as much as they’ve warmed mine.

-Editor Amy

Here’s a free preview of My Love Story!! Volume 13 for you to check out!