Weekly Shonen Jump 2016 Cover Contest

Draw a cool SJ cover and you could win fabulous prizes! And be in the magazine! 

By Urian Brown November 30, 2016

Have an idea for a really cool Weekly Shonen Jump cover? Got some art supplies and a tiny bit of artistic talent? Then we’ve got the contest for you! It’s the return of the Weekly Shonen Jump Cover Contest! 

Draw a cover featuring any characters from a Shonen Jump manga. They can be characters from manga currently serialized in the magazine or from graphic novels. They can be from the same manga or a mix from different series. All we ask is that you include the Weekly Shonen Jump logo in the art so it looks like a real cover. The rest is up to your imagination!

Cover Contest


Draw an SJ Cover then click HERE to submit it! It's that easy! The last day to send in your entry is January 9, 2017. Good luck! 

No purchase necessary. Contest open to US and Canada (excluding Quebec) residents 13 and older. Read the rules at viz.com/shonenjump2016CCRules.