Shonen Jump New Chapters 10/20/19

It's a week filled with crushes and dates in Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family! Plus, our heroes prepare for battle in One Piece and Dr. STONE!

By Jeric Llanes October 20, 2019

Another week of incredible manga. Incredible FREE manga, that is! Share your thoughts about the chapters in the comments field at the bottom. But be nice and make sure to click the Contains Spoilers! button if your comment has spoilers. Happy reading

Spy x Family
By Tatsuya Endo
Ch. 15.1

Spy Family

When Yor takes a bullet to the heinie she finds out being an assassin is a pain in the butt! Can she still have fun on her big date?


Story by Tatsuya Matsuki, Art by Shiro Usazaki

Ch. 86

Act Age

A battle of actors so intense the audience can barely take it! Who will prevail?

Beast Children

By Kento Terasaka

Ch. 21

Beast Children

The boys are in it now! See who makes it out of the pile alive!

Black Clover
By Yūki Tabata
Ch. 225

Black Clover

The gang takes a trip to the Heart Kingdom! See what magic and mysteries lie within!

Chainsaw Man

By Tatsuki Fujimoto

Ch. 43


Despite facing horrific devils and almost dying daily, Denji faces his ultimate crisis—choosing between two crushes!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

By Koyoharu Gotouge

Ch. 179


The battle is over but the wounds remain.

Double Taisei

By Kentaro Fukuda

Ch. 22


A visit to the graveyard reveals some strong emotions!


Story by Riichiro Inagaki, Art by Boichi

Ch. 126

Dr Stone

The battle for the new world begins! What’s Senku got up his sleeve this time?

Jujutsu Kaisen 

By Gege Akutami 

Ch. 80

Ju Jutsu Kaisen

Another insane chapter of supernatural battle sorcery!

Mission: Yozukura Family
By Hitsuji Gondaira
Ch. 9

M Ission Family

It’s the cops! Is Taiyo going to the slammer for his association with a certain suspicious family?

Mitama Security: Spirit Busters
By Tsurun Hatomune
Ch. 8 & 9


The spirits have brought you not one, but two chapters of hilarious manga this week!

My Hero Academia

By Kohei Horikoshi

Ch. 247

My Hero

Endeavor spends some quality time with his new students, including his son!

One Piece

By Eiichiro Oda

Ch. 959

One Piece

The winds of war sweep the land of Wano as all brace for the fight!

Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru

Story by Masashi Kishimoto, Art by Akira Okubo

Ch. 23


Hachimaru gets some important advice about being a samurai!

The Promised Neverland 

Story by Kaiu Shirai, Art by Posuka Demizu

Ch. 155


The demons have lost their minds! The city is in ruins! Is this the end of their race?

Tokyo Shinobi Squad

Story by Yuki Tanaka, Art by Kento Matsuura

Ch. 20

Tokyo Ninja Squad

Jin’s on the hunt for a dangerous terrorist with a deadly weapon!

We Never Learn

By Taishi Tsutsui

Ch. 132

We Never Learn

Yuiga gets BOOFED again as he goes on a daring dog rescue mission!

Yui Kamio Lets Loose

By Hiroshi Shiibashi

Ch. 31

Yui Kamio

More hair-raising insanity in another chaos filled chapter!

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