Shonen Jump Chapters 02/07/2021

Magic and matters of the heart collide in the new series WITCH WATCH! And don't miss out on the explosive battles in Kaiju No. 8 and Mission: Yozakura Family!

By Jeric Llanes February 07, 2021

Another week of incredible manga. Incredible FREE manga, that is! Share your thoughts about the chapters in the comments field at the bottom. But be nice and make sure to click the Contains Spoilers! button if your comment has spoilers. Happy reading! (To read all the free chapters, click HERE! )

Kenta Shinohara
Ch. 1

Witch Watch

From the mangaka of Astra Lost in Space comes a very different manga about a teen witch and her angsty young ogre.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
Story by Takaya Kagami, Art by Yamato Yamamoto, Storyboards by Daisuke Furuya
Ch. 99


A confession of love on the brink of armageddon!

Twin Star Exorcists
By Yoshiaki Sukeno
Ch. 90

Twin Star Exorxist

The assault on Tsuchimikado Island continues! Can the Twelve Guardians save the day?

Kaiju No. 8
By Naoya Matsumoto
Ch. 25

Kaiju No8

It’s a full-on Kaiju assault! The goal: TOTAL EXTERMINATION.

Spy x Family
By Tatsuya Endo
Ch. 40.1

Spy Family

A short mission this week, Loid meets with the Fullmetal Lady!

Ayakashi Triangle (Web-Only)
By Kentaro Yabuki
Ch. 31


Things take a deadly turn when Matsuri faces the King of the Tsukumogami!

Black Clover
By Yūki Tabata
Ch. 281

Black Clover

A powerful demon rampages out of control! Can anyone stop it?

Build King
By Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Ch. 11

Build King

The vigor methods of the construction exam are underway! What madness does they entail?


Story by Riichiro Inagaki, Art by Boichi

Ch. 184

Dr Stone

Time for some brief reflection before Stanley makes his move!

The Elusive Samurai
By Yusei Matsui
Ch. 3

Elusive Samurai

So far, Tokiyuki’s easily avoided all his evil uncle’s attacks. But you can’t win a battle just by dodging, can you?

Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin
By Ryuhei Tamura
Ch. 29

Dolphin Cop

Think this shrimp’s a wimp? Think again! It’s awesome power might be the key to saving the day!

High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku
By Ryo Nakama
Ch. 25

Highschool Family

There’s a new student at school from America and Kotaro’s family wants to make a good impression. Will they blow it?

i tell c
By Kazusa Inaoka
Ch. 2


Every crime is a crime of passion for this unusual detective.

Magu-chan: God of Destruction
By Kei Kamiki
Ch. 30


Find out why everyone’s fallen madly in love with Naputaaku the Mad!

Mashle: Magic and Muscles
By Hajime Komoto
Ch. 49


Mash faces enemies that can’t be punched out. To win, he will have to use his brains. In other words, he’s in trouble.

Me & Roboco
By Shuhei Miyazaki
Ch. 28


Bondo accidentally enters a high-stakes eating contest. Will his opponents chew him up and spit him out?

Mission: Yozukura Family
By Hitsuji Gondaira
Ch. 69

Mission Yozakura

The dangerous assault on Skeleton Island continues!

My Hero Academia

By Kohei Horikoshi

Ch. 300

My Hero

Violent aftershocks of the recent battle reverberate through the hero world.

One Piece

By Eiichiro Oda

Ch. 1,003

One Piece

The Worst Generation continue their attacks against Kaido and Big Mom. But can these gods be toppled?

Phantom Seer
Story by Togo Goto, Art by Kento Matsuura
Ch. 22


Creepy doll chapter! What mysteries do these diabolical dollies hold?

Sakamoto Days
By Yuto Suzuki
Ch. 10

Sakamoto Days

A hard-boiled assassin with a chip on his shoulder sets his sights on Sakamoto!

Undead Unluck
By Yoshifumi Tozuka
Ch. 50

Undead Unluck

The gang gets desperate when facing a foe that’s impervious to all attacks!

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