NYCC Got Anime and Manga Fans Hyped!

We had legendary treats for everyone, especially My Hero Academia fans.

By VIZ Media October 13, 2017

Nycc splash

We have many legends to tell about the city that never sleeps. Here's a peek at the awesome time we had with all of you at New York Comic Con 2017!

Our New York Comic Con fans also got another special treat with clips of our newest simulcast anime. All of you at home can watch Mr. Osomatsu Season 2 and Infini-T Force for FREE right now!

Special thanks once again to New York Comic Con Guests of Honor, Akira Himekawa, the duo behind The Legend of Zelda manga! See more of their Hyrulian adventures through New York on their own Facebook and Twitter.

With your help, our announcements became some of our biggest of ALL-TIME! Exhibit A... our My Hero Academia speed-up!


And the fans went WILD!

We gave the Rooster Teeth fam three(!) special treats in New York. You all took over our booth to meet Writer Miles Luna and Writer / Director / Voice Actor Kerry Shawcross, you got free posters at our booth, AND the cast of RWBY gave Madison Square Garden their first peek at the long-awaited RWBY manga graphic novel!

Speaking of colorful characters from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, we announced the release of One Piece Color Walk as 3-in-1 compendiums!

We've got another big announcement for the hardcore collectors with a Perfect Edition (kanzenban) release from mastermind mangaka, Naoki Urasawa.

You might remember our guests at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 were the mangaka behind Pokémon Adventures . This year, we're happy to bring some Pokémon to New York for the next chapter of Pokémon Adventures, Pokémon Sun & Moon !

But that's not all, Pokémon fans! A wild brand new manga and craftbook appear!

Not enough cute crafts for you? Well, we also announced a book from the world of Amigurumi!

We're no strangers to the dark cyberpunk worlds of Tsutomu Nihei, but now we're bringing the world of the original motion picture BLAME! to collectors everywhere!

You can also stream the New York Comic Con 2017 Shonen Jump panel and learn new secrets about original Yu-Gi-Oh! and Rurouni Kenshin straight from the Japanese editors.

We're leaving New York Comic Con with tons of memories for ages and seasons to come. Try not to miss us too hard, New York, we'll see you all soon for a very sparkly Anime NYC!