Nothing Is As It Seems

Meet two new characters in Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 8!

By Amy Yu November 02, 2017

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[Spoilers Ahead!]

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Sooooo much happens in Yona of the Dawn volume 8! We meet Zeno, the Yellow Dragon! Funny enough, he doesn’t appear to have any extraordinary powers… Was he what you were expecting? =D In any case, all the Dragon Warriors are together with Yona at last! But what does that mean for Yona exactly? She doesn’t necessarily want to storm Hiryuu Palace and take back her throne. Instead, she decides to set out and help people in need in a more direct way. It’ll be really interesting to see how she leads everyone in the next volume.

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Later in this book, we switch gears and follow Su-Won, who’s visiting the Earth Tribe! There we meet General Geun-Tae, who’s a bit of a rough and wild guy. He doesn’t care about social norms and even dismisses and ignores his king. He has a lot of pride as a warrior, so it’s hilarious to see his reaction to Su-Won’s proposal of a “play battle.” (I also find General Ju-do’s short temper funny too. ;p)

I didn’t think I would find the extended mock battle scenes that interesting, so I was pleasantly surprised at how engaged I was! Su-Won is such a fascinating character—mysterious, smart and sincere all at the same time. Props to Kusanagi Sensei for creating and fleshing out such a unique, dynamic ensemble as well as drawing heart-stopping action scenes! I’m really enjoying editing Yona of the Dawn, and I hope you guys are finding this series as thrilling as I am.