Nihongo Lesson 11/25/16

We are super THANKFUL for Toriko and Shimabukuro Sensei!

By John Bae November 25, 2016

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Welcome to the Nihongo Lesson feature. We strive to give you useful manga-based Japanese language tips and maybe even a glimpse into the translation process. This week’s lesson will focus on a manga that we’ve all enjoyed over the last eight and a half years, Toriko! What a unique and crazy ride it’s been!

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ONAKA IPPAI (おなかいっぱい)

ONAKA IPPAI means “I’m full,” as in “I can’t eat any more!” While Toriko is the one character who would be the least likely to use this phrase, it’s still very useful for real life. Who could argue that the Toriko series hasn’t done an amazing job of filling our hearts and minds with excitement and imagination? Toriko, you’re one of the best manga meals we’ve ever had!

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GOCHISOUSAMADESHITA is the traditional Japanese saying for when a meal has been concluded. It means something like “Thank you for the feast.” It’s a polite way to thank your host or the powers that be for the fine meal that you've just enjoyed. And it’s the perfect thing to say after reading this satisfying chapter of Toriko.

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