Nihongo Lesson 10/06/17

These battle tournament contestants are real...animals!

By John Bae October 06, 2017

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Welcome to the Nihongo Lesson feature. We strive to give you useful manga-based Japanese language tips and maybe even a glimpse into the translation process. This week’s lesson will focus on the newest addition to the SHONEN JUMP free section, Juni Taisen: Zodiac War. This crazy-violent series will be published weekly, simultaneous with Japan. Read Juni Taisen: Zodiac War and a whole bunch of other awesome manga for FREE HERE on our site!

JUNISHI (じゅうにし)

JUNISHI refers to the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. There’s rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and boar. And in Juni Taisen: Zodiac War, all these animals are bloodthirsty killers trying to destroy each other.

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SENSHI (せんし)

SENSHI means “warrior” or “fighter.” In the Zodiac War, twelve SENSHI representing the Chinese zodiac have been assembled to fight to the death. And these SENSHI look fearsome! Well, except for the Monkey. How do you “kill in peace”? Is rabbit the favorite? He may have a puffy tail, but he looks like the most dangerous guy there!

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TAIKAI (たいかい)

TAIKAI means “tournament.” And this may be the craziest TAIKAI ever put together. Twelve characters are suddenly thrown together and told to kill each other—talk about unpredictable! Will some of the SENSHI work together, or will their greed cause them to try to keep the prize all to themselves?

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