Necro Fusion

Get a sneak peek of one of the most powerful Fusion cards ever printed!

By John Bae September 13, 2018

0913 ygo 0

Each Cybernetic Horizon Special Edition comes with three booster packs of Cybernetic Horizon, a Super Rare version of a popular older card, and one of two Super Rare variant preview cards from the upcoming Soul Fusion booster set. One of those preview cards is the Necro Fusion Trap Card—a card that lets you Fusion Summon a monster without having any of the necessary materials on your field or in your hand!

0913 Ygo 0Necro Fusion is a simple card with an incredible effect. Necro Fusion lets you Fusion Summon one Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck by banishing Fusion Materials listed on it from your Graveyard face-down. The Fusion Summoned monster can’t attack during the turn you activate Necro Fusion.

During the course of a Duel, it’s normal for monsters to be sent to the Graveyard either by battle or by the effects of an opponent’s cards. Destroyed monsters are sent to the Graveyard, where they’re no longer a threat to either Duelist. Necro Fusion flips the script by letting you fuse together those fallen monsters to Summon one that’s more powerful than anything your opponent has destroyed.

Necro Fusion can Fusion Summon all sorts of monsters, including Cyber Dragon monsters like Cyber Twin Dragon and Cyber End Dragon; Elemental HERO monsters like Elemental HERO Flame Wingman; and Destiny HERO monsters like Destiny End Dragoon. If a monster can be Summoned using Polymerization, you can use Necro Fusion to Summon it using materials in the Graveyard instead.

The drawbacks on Necro Fusion are virtually inconsequential. First, since the materials you fuse together with Necro Fusion are banished from the Duel face-down, they become inaccessible for the rest of the Duel. Fortunately, the power of the monster you’ll Summon by banishing them will completely overshadow this drawback. Second, the monster Fusion Summoned by Necro Fusion can’t attack during the turn you use Necro Fusion to Summon it. Luckily, since Necro Fusion is a Trap Card, you can simply activate it during your opponent’s turn to Fusion Summon a powerful monster before your turn begins. Then, your monster Summoned by Necro Fusion will be free to attack during the first Battle Phase that it’s on the field.

Since Necro Fusion is a Normal Trap Card, it also has some advantages over traditional Fusion Summoning methods. You can Chain Necro Fusion to the effect of a card that would destroy it in order to Summon a powerful Fusion Monster to your field. You can also spring Necro Fusion on your opponent during his or her turn to disrupt your opponent’s sequence of plays. Summoning a monster like Elemental HERO Absolute Zero or Dark Paladin during an opponent’s turn by using Necro Fusion will throw a wrench in his or her plans.

Necro Fusion is an awesome card that fits into lots of different Decks. You can get your hands on it when the Cybernetic Horizon Special Edition launches on September 14!