Mashle: Magic and Muscles Japanese Editor Interview

Find out what it’s like editing this outrageous manga! 

By Urian Brown September 10, 2021

Mangaka need a lot of support to meet their busy schedule and the main person they rely on is their editor. From giving story feedback, maintaining schedules, making sure their needs are met, an editor’s job is never done. We got the chance to interview Yusuke Asai, the current editor of Mashle: Magic and Muscles, about what it’s like working on this series. 

Shonen Jump: Everybody wants to work in the manga industry, how did you get in?

Editor Yusuke Asai: I love Weekly Shonen Jump and have been reading it since I was young, so thinking of what kind of manga I wanted to read at that time opened my career up.

SJ: Mashle: Magic and Muscles is one of the most unique manga ever, what’s it like working on it?

Yusuke Asai: We constantly need new ideas, so it’s been fun coming up with them with Komoto Sensei.

SJ: What exactly does an editor do? What’s your schedule like?

Yusuke Asai: The mangaka and myself have meetings to discuss how to make the weekly story more interesting. I also talk with aspiring mangaka on how to make their manga more interesting and how to become a manga artist.
An editor’s job is constantly discussing how to make a manga more entertaining with the manga artist.

SJ: How do you think Mash has changed as a character since the manga first began?

Yusuke Asai: Mash himself hasn’t changed but his environment around him is changing rapidly. There are more characters who respect him and friends and adults who help him. From that, Mash will have more people he’ll have to protect, but I personally think that’s a good thing for him.

SJ: Does the mangaka Hajime Komoto really love cream puffs? Do they make you eat them a lot?

Yusuke Asai: Whether or not Komoto Sensei likes cream puffs is a secret. I eat them often.

Mash Ch58pg15

SJ: Do you think the main message of the manga is if you’re buff enough you can solve all your problems?

Yusuke Asai: For the most part, that’s right! The message is also to say that even if your talent is different from others, you can nurture that talent and be happy!

SJ: Mashle is a big success with millions of fans. What is the secret of its magical hold on fans?

Yusuke Asai: I’m very happy that so many are reading Mashle. I don’t think either of us really know the secret but there are so many characters in our manga and I’m happy to see so many readers becoming their fans.

SJ: What’s your favorite part about working on this series?

Yusuke Asai: My favorite part is listening to Komoto Sensei’s ideas because I enjoy their comedic sense. And cream puffs taste more delicious now.

SJ: Who is your favorite character and why?

Yusuke Asai: Mash is my favorite! I like how he doesn’t concern himself with what’s around him and is unstoppable when he believes in something. I learn a lot from him.

Mash Ch66p14

SJ: Do you have a message for the English-reading fans?

Yusuke Asai: Thank you for reading Mashle! I’ll keep doing my best to deliver a fun manga with a protein drink in hand!

SJ: Thank you so much for helping to create this manga. We can’t stop laughing!

Get your hands on a volume of Mashle: Magic and Muscles created by Hajime Komoto here.