Masashi Kishimoto Coming to NYCC!

It's his first American convention appearance! History will be made!  

By Urian Brown May 05, 2015

Naruto kishimoto nyccannouncement twitter 1024x512

This is truly a momentous occasion! The entire shinobi world is abuzz! The demand for ninja weaponry has skyrocketed! The creator of one of the world's most popular manga of all time is coming to New York Comic Con! And he'll be busy! Kishimoto Sensei will take part in two panels and multiple autograph sessions. The panels will take place on October 8 and 10th. Outside of the con, he'll also be doing autograph sessions at Kinokuniya Bookstore and Barnes & Noble as part of New York Super Week. 

This is a unprecedented event! More details to come in the following months!