Mangaka Musings 11/26/2023

Thoughts from the mangaka about their manga, lives, and other random things

By VIZ Media November 26, 2023

Green Green Greens
Kento Terasaka


Long time no see. I hope to join Haku in getting to the bottom of the game of golf!

Kill Blue
Tadatoshi Fujimaki


I use Paperlike film while I work, but with a weekly serialization, it gets slippery real fast.

Me & Roboco
Shuhei Miyazaki


My editor Sugita said I was at the two-dan level, but I’m actually a third dan who loses by using the entire ten minutes.

Martial Master Asumi

mm_Martial Master Asumi_Kawada

Huh? Is my…chin split in two…? Was it always like this? Can it split from age…?

Blue Box
Kouji Miura


While working on the color pages, I was also making a welcome board for my friends. May you live happily ever after!

One Piece
Eiichiro Oda


I like putting a little hot water on the Zero Second Chicken Ramen!! Then it’s no longer zero seconds though…

Sakamoto Days
Yuto Suzuki


I received the complete recreation limited edition version of Vaundy’s Replica. The contre-jour effect is so good!

Jujutsu Kaisen
Gege Akutami

mm_JujutsuKaisen_Gege Akutami

Last week, my editor went all out to get me the legal permissions. Thank you to everyone involved.

Mission: Yozakura Family
Hitsuji Gondaira

MM_yozakura Gondaira V2

I just realized that the balance ball that I haven’t used at all makes for a good chair that keeps me awake.

Nue’s Exorcist
Kota Kawae


I’ve bought the early sales FamilyMart wild turkey highball cans, but haven’t done much with them.

Kenta Shinohara


I wonder if there is a Fender-made semiacoustic guitar with a humbucker on the front side and a single coil on the rear side.

Takamasa Moue


Things get really busy at the end of the year, and the constant change in temperature makes me so sleepy.

Undead Unluck
Yoshifumi Tozuka

MM_Undeadunluck Tozuka

I might have to go with Reina for Tekken 8. I mained Katarina in Tekken 7. The coffee girl seems intriguing too.

The Elusive Samurai
Yusei Matsui


This year’s Japan Series was so exciting. I hope the Giants can participate in that kind of battle next season.

Takeru Hokazono


My editor asked me if I’m more relaxed when my studio is a mess. Not really…

Cipher Academy


(1) I’m participating in Book Santa again this year. (2) The Marvels was awesome! (3) I’m grateful for making it a full year!

Yoshihiko Hayashi


The first celebrity I saw in Tokyo was Masami Hisamoto. The second one was Egashira 2:50.

Two on Ice
Elck Itsumo


I’ve watched Aymoz’s intense choreography from the Skate America free skate dozens of times. It gives me so much energy.