Mangaka Musings 02/12/2024

Thoughts from the mangaka about their manga, lives, and other random things.

By VIZ Media February 12, 2024

Chojo Senpai
Shun Numa

Mm Chojo Senpai Shun Numa

I’m nervous for my first series in a while, but I’ll work hard so you enjoy it.

Blue Box
Kouji Miura

Bluebox Miura

Recently, my cat’s favorite nap spot is my desk chair, so there are times when I’m not able to work.

Undead Unluck
Yoshifumi Tozuka

Undeadunluck Tozuka

I’m happy I get to draw Top and Haruka again. It’s thanks to all of you! Thank you so much!

Yoshihiko Hayashi

Mm Mama Yuyu Hayashi

Akutami Sensei wrote a recommendation on the bellyband for volume 1. Sensei even provided some art! I love it!

Sakamoto Days
Yuto Suzuki

Sakamotodays Suzuki

I wasn’t able to visit my shrine on the first day of the year. I was sad because I like the sweet sake.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Gege Akutami

Ju Jutsu Kaisen

I figured out that Arai-san was wearing an Umbro x Avnier jersey, but they don’t sell it in Japan.

Kill Blue
Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Mm Kill Blue Tadatoshi Fujimaki

I’ve been ordering a lot of food since I started this series, and my body is craving fruits and vegetables. Gimme those vitamins and fiber…

Kenta Shinohara

Witch Watch Shinohara

I switched my coffee bean grinder to one that crushes the beans, and my coffee got tastier. There’s an art to this.

Yuki Suenaga

Mm Akanebanashi Suenaga

I read You Don’t Have to Be a Detective. What a great chapter. Those classic quips are the best.

The Elusive Samurai
Yusei Matsui

Mm Tes Matsui

Might be because of my age, but I’m sleeping less. Lately, I only average about four hours per night.

Takeru Hokazono

Mm Kagurabachi Takeru Hokazono

Volume 1 is now on sale in Japan! Please buy, read, and put it on your bookshelf!

Nue’s Exorcist
Kota Kawae

Nues Exorcist Kawae

Volume 3 is now on sale in Japan! Thank you so much!

Mission: Yozakura Family
Hitsuji Gondaira

Yozakura Gondaira V2

Terunofuji is the same age as me, so I root for him while hoping he doesn’t get hurt! Congratulations on the win!

Green Green Greens
Kento Terasaka

Mm Greengreengreens Kentateresaka

I like the Pokémon chocolate sandwich and buy it a lot. I put the stickers on my desk.

Me & Roboco
Shuhei Miyazaki

Roboko Miyazaki

Wow, they’re letting me be a judge for the Akatsuka Award. I will return to my humble self and do my best.

Shadow Eliminators
Kento Amemiya

Mm Shadow Eliminators Kento Amemiya

All of your letters are saving me… And the art you send me is so good!

Two on Ice
Elck Itsumo

Mm Twoon Ice Elck Itsumo

I tried to play Ravel’s Sonatine for the first time in ten years, and I still have it memorized! I’m gonna practice during my breaks.

Martial Master Asumi

Martial Master Asumi Kawada

You amateur! This is why you don’t sell, Kawada! Thanks for supporting me until the end!