MANGA: Toriko Vol.13 Review

Check out the heart-pounding conclusion of the Vegetable Sky story arc in Toriko volume 13!
By December 11, 2012


Welcome to the Age of Gourmet! In a world where food is everything, the Gourmet Hunters are brave men and women who scour the globe for the most delicious new foods imaginable, all attempting to craft their perfect Full Course Meal. Toriko is one of the four greatest Gourmet Hunters of the current generation, the so-called Four Kings! Together with his friend Komatsu, an up-and-coming chef from the ultra fancy Hotel Gourmet, they are on a quest to overcome the challenges of the Gourmet World and to create the greatest Full Course Meal since the dawn of the Age of Gourmet!

In the last volume, Toriko and Komatsu finally managed to penetrate the mysterious realm of Vegetable Sky, gorging themselves on the bounty of the world’s freshest and most perfect vegetables. In this volume, they continue their quest to unravel the mystery surrounding the king of vegetables, the Ozone Grass of Vegetable Sky! But there is a strange creature lurking in the sunny cloudscape whose power and intentions still remain unknown to our heroes!

Back on solid ground, we learn the history and true nature of the Gourmet World! In the Age of Gourmet, the Earth is divided into two regions—the so-called Human World, where people are relatively safe from the ravages of nature, and the region beyond explored lands known as the Gourmet World, where extreme weather, giant monsters, and even strange phenomena of gravity, light and reality-warping strangeness are so prevalent that few have ever made it back alive! But those who do bring with them foods more delicious than anything known in the Human World!


Sunny, another member of the Four Kings, tells us his story of how he already tried his luck and failed at exploring the Gourmet World, where only the most legendary Gourmet Hunters, such as Knocking Master Jiro, can dare to tread. Can the plans of the IGO to send the Four Kings to Gourmet World before the diabolical minions Gourmet Corp. succeed? Will this training expedition to Vegetable Sky be enough to prepare Toriko and Komatsu for the journey?

Find out as we get our first glimpse into the legendary Gourmet World by picking up your own copy of Toriko vol. 13 today! You can also read it online instantly at, and read it on your favorite mobile devices!

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