Graphic Novels 04/05/16

Lots of great graphic novels coming out this month! Get some! 

By Urian Brown April 06, 2016

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Assassination009Assassination Classroom Vol. 9    
by Yusei Matsui

Nagisa risks it all in an attempt to take down the mastermind behind the biological attack on his classmates. After the dust settles, Koro Sensei gives his all to ignite summer romance between his students. Turns out their English teacher Ms. Jelavitch has her sights on someone…and everyone wants to help her get her target—er, the man of her dreams. Then, back at school, one of the students defects from the 3-E ranks for all the wrong reasons. How will they win him back before he inflicts irrevocable damage on them all…?!

Volume 9 available now!

Food Wars11FOOD WARS!: SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA Vol. 11    
story by Yuto Tsukuda, art by Shun Saeki, contributor Yuki Morisaki

The brilliant food mimic Mimasaka copies his opponents’ dishes so perfectly and completely it’s totally uncanny. And he does it for the sole purpose of winnning. But is that what cooking is really about? Hoping to find the answer, Soma bets his all as a chef! Who’s right and who’s wrong will be made clear when it comes time to judge the Fall Classic’s first semifinal round!

Volume 11 available now!

Nar3in1NARUTO 3-IN-1 Vol. 14   
by Masashi Kishimoto

It’s Deidara vs. Sasuke, but even Deidara’s Ultimate Art may be no match for the all-powerful new Sasuke. The battle culminates in a giant explosion, leaving members of Team Kakashi concerned, especially when Karin cannot sense Sasuke’s chakra. Plus, deep inside the Land of Rain lies an Akatsuki secret that sheds doubt on the organization’s true intentions, as well as its mysterious leader, Pain.

Volume 14 available now!

story by Nobuaki Enoki, art by Takeshi Obata

The mysterious Masked Dude has been distributing a magical powder to the children of class 6-3 to put on their boring school food. The powder is so insanely addictive that the children who are hooked get sick if they don’t eat it. Just what could this super tasty powder be made of? Pine finds Reiko Shiratori, the school’s Madonna, at the Masked Dude’s hideout and accuses her of distributing the powder. Can the talented Abaku ronpa Reiko out of this not-so-sweet situation?

Volume 2 available now!

TorikoTORIKO Vol. 33 
by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Toriko and the gang did it! They captured Acacia’s Salad—Air! However, the victory celebration is cut short when a familiar friend-now-foe, Teppei, steals Komatsu’s heart right out of his chest and disappears into the Back Channel! Now Toriko and the other Four Kings must travel to Area 7 to capture Acacia’s Soup, Pair, to save Komatsu! Ferocious Area 7 won’t be much of a party, but they’ll still have a ball…or two!

Volume 33 available now!

by Yoshiaki Sukeno

Recently betrothed Benio and Rokuro must work together to wield their Resonance Attack against Benio’s own long-lost brother! But there's a problem--they've barely had any time to practice their moves together! Then, with Benio gravely injured, the Basara who killed her parents offers her a terrible alternative to death…

Volume 4 available now!

Y5 DsYU-GI-OH! 5D's Vol. 9  
story by Masahiro Hikokubo, art by Masashi Sato

Final volume! Yusei and Goodwin are locked in their final Duel. Having now harnessed the power of the Ultimate God, Goodwin can turn Yusei’s Duel Dragons against him. The assault may be more than Yusei can bear and he will need his friends’ help to have any chance of winning, but will it be enough?

Volume 9 available now!

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