Go, Ninja, Go, Ninja, Go!

Hard work and dreams vs the ultimate powers of nepotism!

By Pancha Diaz September 27, 2018

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When Kyoko Mogami first started in sho biz, it was just as a means to a vengeful end. But as she got deeper into the world of acting, the fires of her hatred were banked by her fascination with the art of performance. And it turns out that Kyoko’s unique combination of intense work ethic and extreme imagination are the perfect foundation for an up-and-coming actress!

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Now Kyoko is facing one of the biggest challenges of her young career—winning a role away from the studio’s top pick! If she succeeds, she’ll get to act opposite her best friend in the entire universe. If she loses, she will be sunk in the depths of gloom a despair. Kyoko is taking this very seriously.

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Luckily, she’s done her ninja homework and manages to impress even the people who want to dismiss her.

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But despite Kyoko’s obvious skill, the director of the movie is biased against those he doesn’t consider actors, and a Love Me member certainly fits in that category!

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Kyoko’s earlier performance in the audition wins her a reprieve, but now the director is looking for reasons to cut her. She’s up against the other Momiji applicants, some dastardly behind-the-scenes scheming, and the director’s knife-blade criticism! It’s time to call on all her training and imagination and fight for her (Momiji’s) very life! 

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