Get Your Portfolios Ready!

New imprint VIZ Originals to publish original graphic novels developed by manga-inspired creators.

By VIZ Media March 18, 2019

VIZ is thrilled to announce VIZ Originals, a new imprint dedicated to publishing original graphic novels developed by manga-inspired creators.

At VIZ, we love manga and are looking for creators whose work showcases dynamic paneling, skillful black-and-white artwork and compelling stories that keep readers hooked. We’re interested in fantasy, adventure, romance, horror, sci-fi and slice-of-life works that appeal to both young adult and adult fans. If this sounds like you, please get your portfolios ready! Read more about upcoming submission opportunities on our VIZ Originals page.

"VIZ Originals will be an incubator for innovative ideas and storytelling," Publisher and Executive Vice President, Leyla Aker tells Publishers Weekly. Read the full Publishers Weekly article here

"We're thrilled to support and contribute to the comics community through the VIZ Originals imprint," adds Fawn Lau, Executive Editor, VIZ Originals. "There are so many extraordinary creators telling exciting stories in the style they love. We're proud to be able to nurture this new generation of manga-inspired creators." Read the full press release here.