EXCLUSIVE: SJ Alpha Yearbook 2013 Is Here!

To celebrate the launch year of SJ Alpha, we released a special print collector SJ Alpha Yearbook 2013 Members Edition as a gift for members. Click HERE for details!
By December 24, 2012



To celebrate the launch year of Weekly SHONEN JUMP Alpha, we released a special print collector SJ Alpha Yearbook 2013 Members Edition as a gift for SJ Alpha members. Members who signed up by 11/16/2012 should have already started to receive their yearbooks in the mail, which includes the fourth Yu-Gi-Oh! card of 2012: Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings! This is our way of saying thank you to the loyal fans of SHONEN JUMP who stayed with us through the transitional year.

As an added bonus, we have the expanded digital edition of the yearbook ready for you as a digital gift too!

Just log in and check your MY MANGA section in your VIZMANGA accounts NOW!

The yearbook will appear under "Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha Previews", in the "My Manga Volumes" section.

In the digital editon, you’ll find the complete version of the special one-shot Sachie-chan Good!! by guest artists Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura, along with an expanded version of the interview of both mangaka. And you won’t want to miss the Bakuman spin-off one-shot Otter No.11. Plus we have a special Super Fan section with cosplay photos, fan art, 2012 con recaps & more!

Now do you wish that you could read the yearbook? You can still get the digital edition for FREE!*

Just sign up today and check your VIZMANGA account!

Catch a SNEAK PEEK of what's inside the SJ Alpha Yearbook HERE!

* Offer is valid through 2013.

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