Replay Value!

Buy back issues and read Stealth Symphony from the very start!

By May 19, 2014

Are you feeling a bit down because you just signed up for Weekly Shonen Jump and missed out on the beginning of the incredible new series Stealth Symphony? Well, where in tarnation have you been recently?! You can buy back issues of Weekly Shonen Jump going back three months, meaning you can buy all the issues up until the very beginning of Stealth Symphony. And each issue is a bargain for $0.99! Back issues are only available for purchase on the web in the U.S./Canada, but can be accessed on all Weekly Shonen Jump supported devices in the My Manga section. 

Read Stealth Symphony from the very beginning, starting with the February 24th issue! But remember, back issues available for purchase only go back three months, so that means you have two weeks until the July 15 issue is off the shelves!

Weekly Shonen Jump back issues are now available at VIZManga!