Dueling Sorcery!

Bewitch your foes with these cards!

By John Bae June 15, 2017

0615 Ygo Sorcery1If you’re a fan of Yuya and his Pendulum performance in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Pendulum Evolution includes some of the coolest Pendulum Monsters we’ve seen so far!

Astrograph Sorcerer is a Level 7 Spellcaster with 2500 ATK, 2000 DEF and a Pendulum Scale of 1. Its Pendulum effect destroys itself to take a Stargazer Magician from your hand or Deck and either place it in your Pendulum Zone or Special Summon it! Pendulum Monsters are powerful because when they are destroyed you can just Pendulum Summon them back from the Extra Deck, so if you’re trying to Pendulum Summon Astrograph Sorcerer you can just have it destroy itself and get a free Stargazer Magician for your Pendulum Zones.

Whenever a card you control is destroyed, you can Special Summon Astrograph Sorcerer from your hand, so it’s super easy to Summon even when you can’t Pendulum Summon. Astrograph Sorcerer doesn’t care who destroys your card. Even if you destroy one of your own cards, you can Summon Astrograph Sorcerer from your hand! When it is Special Summoned like this, you also get to choose a monster that was destroyed this turn and add another monster with the same name from your Deck to your hand! This makes Astrograph Sorcerer a great defensive tool because it not only provides you with a powerful monster when your opponent is on the offensive, but it also gives you another monster to use on the following turn.

0615 Ygo Sorcery1

To fill your other Pendulum Zone, you’ll want Astrograph Sorcerer’s Pendulum Scale 8 counterpart, Chronograph Sorcerer! At Level 6 with 2000 ATK and 1700 DEF, it isn’t quite as strong individually, but you’ll find it can bring more overall ATK to the field. Chronograph Sorcerer basically has the same Pendulum Effect as Astrograph Sorcerer, but you’ll get Timegazer Magician rather than Stargazer Magician. A Pendulum match made in heaven, when you have Astrograph Sorcerer along with Chronograph Sorcerer, you can have both destroy themselves to set up Stargazer Magician and Timegazer Magician in your Pendulum Zones, letting you Pendulum Summon the Sorcerers right away!

Chronograph Sorcerer has a Monster Effect similar to Astrograph Sorcerer as well. When a card you control is destroyed, you can Special Summon Chronograph Sorcerer from your hand. However, the difference is that when it is Special Summoned like this, you get to Special Summon another monster from your hand as well. Chronograph Sorcerer has an immediate impact on the field, providing you with two defenders or attackers. Both Astrograph Sorcerer and Chronograph Sorcerer can Special Summon themselves from the hand when the other one destroys itself in the Pendulum Zone, so if you have additional copies of either in your hand, you can Special Summon them to the field and get their bonus effects.

On top of all that, Astrograph Sorcerer and Chronograph Sorcerer both have an additional effect to Special Summon Supreme King Z-ARC. If you control one of them you can banish it along with a “Pendulum Dragon,” “Xyz Dragon,” “Synchro Dragon,” and “Fusion Dragon” from your hand, field, and/or Graveyard to Special Summon Supreme King Z-ARC from your Extra Deck! But even if your Deck isn’t focused around summoning Supreme King Z-ARC, both Astrograph Sorcerer and Chronograph Sorcerer can add a lot of power to your Pendulum strategy.

With a ton of other “Magician” Pendulum cards, Pendulum Evolution is full of awesome stuff from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V! Pendulum Evolution hits shelves June 23!