Cyberse Link!

Link up with this monster to elevate your game!

By John Bae November 09, 2017

1109 ygo 0

Structure Deck: Cyberse Link has a ton of brand-new support for Cyberse monsters as well as powerful new Link Monsters. Playmaker’s strategy is very Link Monster-centric, so he utilizes Link Monsters that get stronger when they’re co-linked. Link Monsters are “co-linked” if their Link Arrows point at each other. With three Link Arrows, Tri-Gate Wizard becomes more powerful the more Link Monsters it is co-linked with!

1109 Ygo 1Tri-Gate Wizard is a LINK-3 Cyberse monster with 2200 ATK. You need 2+ monsters to Link Summon it. The only special requirement is that they can’t be Tokens, so Tri-Gate Wizard can easily be incorporated into any Deck that’s using multiple Link Monsters. With Link Arrows pointing up as well as to the left and right, to get the full bonus out of Tri-Gate Wizard you will likely have to Link Summon it to the Main Monster Zone directly under your Extra Monster Zone so you can co-link its up arrow.

That first co-link will grant Tri-Gate Wizard this effect: If a monster co-linked to this card battles an opponent’s monster, any battle damage it inflicts to your opponent is doubled. Doubling damage is as good as the ATK of the monster you’re attacking with, so pairing Tri-Gate Wizard with a high ATK Link Monster can be devastating. Whether it is sealing a Duel in your favor or taking a win out of nowhere, the first effect of Tri-Gate Wizard can do both! An easy way to make use of this ability is by co-linking Tri-Gate Wizard to Cyberse Link’s other LINK-3 monster, Encode Talker, which has a down arrow and an ability to supercharge its own ATK.

Next up, once you’re at two or more co-links, Tri-Gate Wizard can target a card on the field and banish it! While this effect is once per turn, removing your opponent’s best card from the game is huge. Whether it’s a daunting monster or a mysterious Set Spell or Trap, Tri-Gate Wizard offers you a simple solution to any problem. You can also combine its second effect with the first one, clearing out a card that could potentially stop your attack, ensuring you deal the maximum amount of damage!

Last but not least, once you have reached a third co-link, Tri-Gate Wizard can negate the activation of a card or effect and banish it! This effect is also once per turn, but can be used during your opponent’s turn as well. Getting a third co-link won’t be easy, but the payoff is worthwhile. With that third gate open, Tri-Gate Wizard has built in protection that makes it a real powerhouse. It can deal a ton of damage, get rid of whatever your opponent has, and stop whatever your opponent tries to do next, all in one card!

You can find Tri-Gate Wizard and other powerful Cyberse and Link Monsters in Structure Deck: Cyberse Link , out now!