Code of the Duelist!

Check these Go Onizuki cards out from Code of the Duelist!

By John Bae August 10, 2017

0808 ygo gouki 0

There are a ton of awesome new themes to check out in the latest booster set, Code of the Duelist. If you’re a fan of getting the crowd hyped and putting your opponent into submission, Gouki might be the Deck for you. Go Onizuka from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS is a Charisma Duelist and his signature theme is all about making the opponent think they have the upper hand, then turning things around for a decisive comeback victory!

0808 Ygo Gouki 1

There are three different Gouki Effect Monsters in Code of the Duelist: Gouki Riscorpio, Gouki Suprex and Gouki Twistcobra. Each of these Gouki has an effect that will activate when it’s sent from the field to the Graveyard, letting you add another “Gouki” card from your Deck to your hand! An endless stream of monsters is a big reason why Gouki are so hard to defeat. When you think you might’ve won the round, another comes out of nowhere and tags in to keep the brawl going. The Gouki are all EARTH Warriors so there are already a lot of cards to match them with like Reinforcement of the Army or Marauding Captain, and each Gouki also has a unique effect to help you bring more damage to the table.

The Gouki are all about aggression, so they all have 0 DEF. Gouki Riscorpio is a Level 5 with 2300 ATK, but if you control no monsters or all the monsters you control are “Gouki” monsters, you can Normal Summon it from your hand without Tributing! A 2300 ATK monster with no additional setup or downside is pretty strong, especially because it can replace itself if your opponent manages to get rid of it. Gouki Suprex comes in at Level 4 with 1800 ATK, pretty solid. When it is Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon a “Gouki” monster from your hand!

Gouki Suprex is all about big entrances, and Summoning a Gouki Suprex and following it up with Gouki Riscorpio is a whopping 4100 ATK already. Last but definitely not least, Gouki Twistcobra is a Level 3 with 1600 ATK. While it may seem on the weaker side, Twistcobra’s effect will let you Tribute a “Gouki” monster to increase the attack of another Gouki by the amount of the Tributed monster’s ATK! You basically get double damage out of one of your monsters along with a search from your Deck, so Gouki Riscorpio is prime fodder for this effect.

0808 Ygo Gouki 1

Gouki are never down for the count with Gouki Re-Match. Re-Match will let you grab two Gouki with different Levels in your Graveyard and Special Summon them back to the field, and because all of the Gouki can search any “Gouki” card when they’re sent to the Graveyard, you can Re-Match your opponent repeatedly throughout the Duel!

To help you swing the tides of battle even further, Gouki The Great Ogre is the ace Link Monster of the theme. A LINK-3 Monster that’s Summoned using only “Gouki” monsters, Gouki The Great Ogre is far more powerful than its already impressive 2600 ATK would suggest! All monsters on the field lose ATK equal to their original DEF while Gouki The Great Ogre is on the field, and if it would be destroyed, you can destroy one of your monsters it points to instead. Link Monsters and “Gouki” monsters have no DEF stat and 0 DEF respectively, so your monsters will stay at full power while your opponent’s monsters cower in fear! Gouki The Great Ogre is the finisher that Gouki needs, and sending your Gouki to the Graveyard to Link Summon it is the easiest way to search Gouki Re-Match!

Flex your Dueling muscles just like Go Onizuka with the Gouki! You can find the Gouki and other themes from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS in Code of the Duelist available now!